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Cooking From Our Collection.......At Home!

*The Smitten Kitchen

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What We Have Cooked / Our Recommendations: We didn't run a marathon after eating Perelman's Spaghetti with Chickpeas, but we'd run a marathon to be able to eat it again, it was *that* good.  We've also made the apple cinnamon variation of her Cranberry-Orange breakfast buns many, many, many times and have never ever regretted doing so.   

Freelance writer and photographer Deb Perelman loves to cook, and even stuck in a tiny walkup 80-square foot kitchen with no dishwasher was always game to cook real food that tasted good.  Between 2009-2014 Perelman and her husband Alex upgraded to a slightly larger kitchen that actually had a dishwasher, and this is where her blog Smitten Kitchen truly took off and Perelman's flourish for both recipe creation and writing found its audience.  Two children and two cookbooks later, her blog is still being regularly updated with delicious recipes and fantastic commentary to go with.  Perelman cooks a variety of food that will suit most eaters and palates, and her un-fussy recipes are simple to follow and always deliver on taste.