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Salt Fat Acid Heat

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What We Have Cooked / Our Recommendations:  We can strongly attest to the magic that is Nosrat's Buttermilk-Marinated Roast Chicken as well as the deceptively simple but mind-blowing amazingness of her Miso-Cured Eggs.  

Samin Nosrat roared into America's consciousness with her 2018 Netflix series - Salt Fat Acid Heat - where in every episode, she cooked with or focused on each of the four named elements in turn.  The show was based on Nosrat's same-titled cookbook that had been published to high acclaim in 2017, which we own in our collection.  The cookbook is organized much in the same way as the show, with the first two-thirds of the book focusing in on techniques and explanations of how the science of cooking works - such as why adding an acid to a vegetable or protein can make it change color or texture, how adding salt to a meat or vegetable before cooking draws out the moisture in a good (or bad!) way, etc.  The last third of the cookbook is recipes, which Nosrat stresses shouldn't be cooked through until you've read through the first sections of the book so that you understand exactly why you are being told to use the techniques that are listed, and how it is that they will make such a difference to the final product that ends up on your plate.