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Complete Cooking For Two


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The recipe designers and editors at America's Test Kitchen know a thing or two about food.  When they set out to write Complete Cooking For Two, a cookbook for a two-person household, they perfectly created and re-engineered hundreds of recipes that for far too long had generically "Served 4-6" and had left smaller households either left to guess how to size down recipes accordingly, or had left people with too many leftovers to easily manage.  Their companion website offers two tiers of access for those who want online recipes - with free registration you can access the current season's lineup of recipe options, and for a price you can access their full content.  Either way, you will be guaranteed to enjoy what you find, as the folks at America's Test Kitchen are well-versed and incredibly skilled, and even the most hesitant of cooks will find themselves in good hands if they take advantage of the wealth of information they find here!