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Cooking From Our Collection.......At Home!

Two Hashtags ~ One Vision

We normally encourage everyone to check out our cookbooks, take them home and cook as many recipes as they can from them - photographing the results and tagging us with the #cookingfromourcollection hashtag in their social media, which we then turn right around & feature on our SU Libraries Instagram account in one of two ways:

#CFOC Story Highlights #cookingfromourcollection Tagged Posts


image of a cookbook photo highlighted in an instagram story



However, in this new and unusual time of social distancing and Stay At Home orders, that sadly just isn't possible.  So while our cookbook collection is on lockdown in the Guerreri Academic Commons, we decided that we weren't going to let something as globally pandemic as the corona virus get between our beloved patrons and our beloved cookbooks.........and as such we have created special 'cookbook' pages, linked to the left, as a way to help us virtually get through this together through cooking.....while still staying safely apart.  

We have also come up with a new hashtag to mark the creation of these 'new' recipes accordingly, which is #cookingfromourcollection_athome.  (See next tab.)

On every cookbook page listed to the left, you will find a featured SU Libraries' cookbook, a link to its accompanying website so you can get as many recipes as possible from home, and any/all recommendations that we have related to the author's recipes, tips, tricks, or flavor combinations.  

For Example:We absolutely love the Salt Fat Acid Heat cookbook by Samin Nosrat, have happily watched the Netflix series several times over, and grabbed a copy of her cookbook for our collection the second it came out.  

photograph of the Salt Fat Acid Heat cookbook cover  photograph of a  Salt Fat Acid Heat cookbook pull-out page  photograph of a roast chicken sitting in a pan

On the Salt Fat Acid Heat cookbook page we have created, we provide all of the relevant information for the physical copy of our cookbook (in case you want to get your hands on it when this is all over!), a link to Ms. Nosrat's SFAH website so that you can start cooking her recipes N-O-W, any other links to official sites with additional recipes of hers that we think you could find useful, and our personal recommendations to give her Buttermilk-Marinated Roast Chicken and her Miso-Cured Eggs an immediate try.  

We will also be adding in, as either we - or more hopefully you! - cook them, images pulled from tagged social media of Salt Fat Acid Heat recipes that have been made at home so that others can see and hopefully get inspired to do the same.

So - start browsing our cookbook pages, fire up those stoves or ovens, and don't forget to tag (#cookingfromourcollection_athome) and post!