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Family History at the Nabb Center: Censuses


  1. Worcester County Census (various authors) 1790-1820    F187.W7 C4


  1. The Accomack County 1870 Census Part I Accomack Parish (Transcribed and Compiled by Gail M. Walczyk)    F232.A2 A1565 Vol 1
  2. The Accomack County 1870 Census Part II St George's Parish (Transcribed and Compiled by Gail M. Walczyk)    F232.A2 A1565 Vol 2
  3. Accomack County, Virginia 1800-1810-1820 Census (Jody Powell)    F232.A2 C44  1800
  4. Accomack County, Virginia 1830 Census (Jody Powell)    F232.A2 C44 1830
  5. Accomack County, Virginia 1840 Census (Jody Powell)    F232.A2 C44 1840
  6. Accomack County, Virginia 1850 Census (Patricia Scherzinger)    F232.A2 C44 1850
  7. Accomack County, Virginia 1860 Census (Compiled by E. Thomas Crowson and Susan Crowson Hite)    F232.A2 C44 1860
  8. Northampton County, Virginia Census Records (Allen B. Hamilton)     F232.N85 H36 2014
  9. The 1850 Population Census & 1850-1880 mortality schedules Northampton County, VA (transcribed by Frances Bibbins Latimer)    F232.N85 L356 1999
  10. 1870 Census for Northampton County, VA (transcribed & indexed by Frances Bibbins Latimer)     F232.N85 L361 1996
  11. 1860 Census for Northampton county, VA (transcribed by Frances Bibbins Latimer)     F232.N85 L36 1994
  12. Northampton County, Virginia 1850 Census (transcribed by Patricia Ann Scherzinger)    F232.N85 S34 1987