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Family History at the Nabb Center: African American Genealogy

Maryland & Delaware

  1. The Underground Railroad    E450.S85
  2. They Wore Blue and Their Hearts Were Loyal: Dorchester County Maryland USCT    F187.D8 S63
  3. Robert Bell's Book of Slave Statistics 1864-1868 Dorchester County, MD    F187.D6 B4
  4. Official Journal and Year Book of the Delaware Annual Conference of the Methodist Episcopal Church 1909-1965 (hard copies, 1864-1965 also on microfilm)    BX 8207.A1 M46
  5. Maryland Colonization Society Manumission Book 1832-1864 Vol 3    E185.86 H9
  6. Free African Americans of Maryland and Delaware From the Colonial Period to 1810    E185.86 H44
  7. Certificates of Freedom 1821-1864     F187.S7 S66ss
  8. Church Records of the Metropolitan Methodist Episcopal Church Princess Anne, Maryland (Marriages 1875-1912 & Baptisms 1875-1914) online    BX8481.P85 D68
  9. Baptism and Marriage Records 1889-1917 Mt Calvary, Flower Hill, and Friendship Methodist Episcopal Churches of Wicomico and Somerset Counties, Maryland    BX8481.Ff78 B36
  10. Manumissions and Sales of Slaves Recorded in Land Records of Somerset and Worcester Counties Maryland    F187.S7 M367
  11. Men of Color to Arms:  Manumitted Slaves and Free Blacks from the Lower Eastern Shore of Maryland Who Served in the Civil War Worcester and Somerset Counties    E185.63. S53
  12. Marriage and Baptism Records:  Malone Methodist Episcopal Church Madison, Dorchester County, Maryland 1883-1893 (online)    BX8481.M27 M4
  13. History and Roster of Maryland Volunteers War of 1861-1865 (3 vol)    E512.3 W55
  14. Man Omissions and Sales of slaves recorded in Land records of Somerset and Worcester Counties Maryland (Donna Messick)    F187.W7 M367
  15. Roster of African American Civil War Veterans from Worcester County    F187.W7 R67


  1. The 1850 Slave Inhabitants Schedule of Accomack County, Virginia (Celestine G. Koger)    F232.A2 K64 1995
  2. Accomack County Birth Register (African American Births) (Transcribed and compiled by Gail M Walczyk)    F232.A2 W2583 2005
  3. Accomack County Death Register (1853-1896) (African American Deaths) (Transcribed by Gail M Walczyk)    F232.A2 W262 2005
  4. Instruments of Freedom: Deeds and wills of Emancipation  Northampton County, VA (1782-1864) (transcribed, compiles & indexed by Frances Bibbins Latimer)    F232.N85 L37 1994
  5. Register of Free Negroes and Certificates of Freedom  Northampton County, VA (1793-1864) (Compiled by Frances Bibbins Latimer)    F232.N85 L382 2004
  6. The register of Free Negroes  Northampton County, VA (1853- 1861) (transcribed, referenced, and indexed by Frances Bibbins Latimer)    F232.N85 L38 1992
  7. Free Blacks of Northampton County, Virginia (1782-1864): A list from local sources (Kirk Mariner)    F232.N85 M365 2017
  8. Virginia Slave Births Index 1853-1865 (4 vol)    E445.V8 V57