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Family History at the Nabb Center: Newspapers



  1. Newspaper Abstracts From the American Eagle & Cambridge Chronicle 1846-1857    F187.D6 M697
  2. Abstracts from the Democrat & News Dorchester County Maryland 1872-1873    PN4899.D58
  3. Genealogical Abstracts from Newspapers of Maryland's Eastern Shore 1835-1850    F187.E2 H20
  4. Maryland Eastern Shore Newspaper Abstracts (8 vol)    F187.E2 W755
  5. Gleanings from Maryland Newspapers 1725-1795 (4 vol)    F180.B365
  6. 1917 Death Abstracts (Newspapers: The Cambridge Record (Jan-June), The Daily Banner (Jul-Dec), Maryland Death Certificates)    F189.C2 N56
  7. Baltimore Afro American (1935-1988) on microfilm
  8. Worcester County Shield (Snow Hill) 1846-1888 on microfilm
  9. Cambridge Chronicle 1830-1855 on microfilm
  10. Daily Banner 1902-1960 on microfilm
  11. Cambridge Record 1908-1941 on microfilm
  12. Cambridge Tribune 1937-1948 on microfilm
  13. Berlin Ocean News 1929-1932 on microfilm
  14. Salisbury Times / Daily Times 1923-current on microfilm


  1. Deaths from Eastern Shore of Virginia Newspapers 1881-1912 (Prepared by: H. Brooks Miles Barnes and Barry W Miles    F232.E2 B363 2002
  2. Marriages from Eastern Shore of Virginia Newspapers 1881-1912 (Prepared by: Dr. Brooks Miles Barnes and Barry W. Miles)    F232.E2 B366 2002