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Family History at the Nabb Center: Land and Property


  1. Sussex County Delaware Deed Record 1800-1818 (11 Vol)    F172.S8 K43
  2. Land Records of Sussex County, Delaware 1681-1792 (10 vol)Sussex County Delaware    F172.S8 L35


These two indexes provide references and abstracts of records documenting land records, court transactions, and more records in Somerset and Worcester counties (including present-day Wicomico County) before 1870. The document includes two separate indexes, originally handwritten by John E. Jacob Jr. and transcribed by Jane Burt: the first arranged by location and the second by surname. The original indexes are found in the John Jacob Collection at the Nabb Research Center. 

 These 1745 and 1755 debt books for Worcester County, Maryland were transcribed and compiled by Jane Yantis from microfilm roll MSA SR7944. 

According to Skinner's 2016 abstracts, "The Provincial Land Office of Maryland was responsible for distributing land from 1634 to 1777 on behalf of the Lord Proprietor. The Lord Proprietor’s rent rolls and the debt books, the means by which the Lord Proprietor kept track of the rents due him, both commence in 1715 (though some are no longer extant). The surviving rent rolls consist of entries for each tract of land patented, the name of the person for whom the land was originally surveyed, the present owner, acreage, and rent. Alienations, or subsequent sales and leases of the piece of land, are also included. The debt books’ great value is that they enable the researcher to track land ownership over various years in cases of intestate estates, land inherited by women, and land that is not specified in a will."

  1. Dorchester County Maryland Land Office additional rent rolls 1737-1745, 1745-1755    F187.D6 K43                             F187. D6 R4
  2. Dorchester County Maryland Debt Book 1734-1759    F187.D6 K39
  3. Dorchester County Land Records 1815-1860    F187.D6 L2
  4. Dorchester County Maryland Rent Rolls 1659-1745 (2 vol)    F187.D6 R4
  5. Settlers of Maryland 1679-1783 (5 vol-land patents & certificates))    F180.C65
  6. The Early Settlers of Maryland (land patents)    F180.S55
  7. Abstracts of the Debt Books of the Provincial Land Office Somerset County 1733-1774 (3 vol asst yrs)    F187.S7  S78
  8. Somerset Couty Maryland Rent Rolls 1662-1775 (12 vol)    F187.S7 T22
  9. 1734 Debt Book Somerset County Maryland (2 vol)    F187.S7 T23
  10. 1783 Tax List Somerset County and Worcester County Maryland    F187.?S7 T24 1783
  11. 1798 Federal Direct Tax of Somerset County Maryland    F187.S7 T24
  12. Tax Lists of Somerset County 1730-1740     F187.S7 T320
  13. Somerset County Tax Lists 1723-1759 (21 asst vol.)    F187.T25
  14. Land Records of Somerset County Maryland     F187.S7 L2
  15. Somerset County Maryland Land Records 1671-1803 (16 vol)    F187.S7 L2
  16. 1783 Tax Lists for Somerset County and Worcester County Maryland    F187.S7 T24
  17. Land Records of Wicomico County 1666-1810    F187.W5 D78
  18. Land records of Worcester County Maryland 1666-1810 (Ruth T. Dryden)    F187.W7 L2
  19. Worcester County Maryland Land Records (Abstracted by Leslie & Neil Keddie) 1742-1801 (9 books)    F187.W7 L2
  20. Worcester County Land Records: Abstracts of Libers AG, AF & AH (1815-1818)    F187.W7 L2
  21. Land Patents of Worcester Couty, MD (1742-1755): John Henry, Deputy Surveyor of Worcester County    F187.W7 L22
  22. Abstracts of the Debt Books of the Provincial Land Office of Maryland: Worcester County (3 vols.) (V.L Skinner, Jr)    F187.W7 S56
  23. Worcester County, Maryland 1745 & 1755 Debt Book (sorted by last name) (compiled & transcribed by Jane M. Yantis)    F187.W7 Y33
  24. Worcester County, Maryland 1745 & 1755 Debt Book (sorted by time & name) (compiled & transcribed by Jane M. Yantis)    F187.W7 Y33


  1. Cavaliers and Pioneers: Abstracts of Virginia Land Patents and Grants (Abstracted and Index by Nell Marion Nugent) 5 volumes    F225. N842
  2. Accomack Land Causes 1728-1825 (Compiled by Stratton Nottingham)    F232.A2 N5 1990
  3. The 1787 Census of Virginia: Accomack County (The Personal Property Lists for the Year 1787 for Accomack County, Virginia) (Netti Schreiner-Yantis and Florene Love)    F232.A2 S37 1987
  4. Virgnia's Eastern Shore: A history of Northampton and Accomack County (2 vols) (Ralph T. Whitelaw)    F232.E2 W6 1989
  5. 1856 Personal Property Tax for Northampton County, Virginia (Transcribed by Doris Adler)    F232.N85 A23 1996
  6. An Original List of Taxable Property within the county of Northampton, Virginia for 1796 (transcribed by Frances Bibbins Latimer)     F232.N85 L375 1998
  7. Virginia Land Causes: Lancaster County (1795-1848) Northampton County (1731-1868) (Stratton Nottingham)    F232.N85 S94