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Family History at the Nabb Center: Vital Records


  1. Deaths From the Delaware Gazette 1854-59, 61-64 (5 vol)    F163.R58 1996
  2. Abstracts of Birth, Marriages and Deaths taken from Milford Chronicle Milford, DE 1901-1904    F163.W56 2015
  3. Vital Records of Kent and Sussex Counties, Delaware 1686-1800    F163.W76


  1. Maryland Marriage Records Dorchester County, Maryland 1780-1843    F187.D6 B86
  2. Dorchester County Maryland Marriage Records 1780-1865    F187.D6 D55
  3. Dorchester County Marriage Records 1866-1886    F187.D6 K57
  4. Death Notice Abstracts from the Democrat & News 1880-1914 (4 vol)     F187.D6 M693
  5. Dorchester County Marriage License Records 1780-1855    F187.D6 P3
  6. Marriage References Circuit Court Dorchester County Maryland 1780-1922 (3 vol)    F186.D6 W65
  7. Maryland Eastern Shore Vital Records (5 vol & supplement)    F187.,E2 W68
  8. Marriage and Deaths of the Lower Delmarva 1835-1840 from the newspapers of Dorchester, Somerset, Worcester County Maryland    F187.S7V2
  9. Marriages and Deaths From the Maryland Gazette 1727-1839    F180.B37
  10. Maryland Marriages 1634-1820 (3 vol)    F180.B38
  11. Somerset County Maryland Liber IKL Records     F187.S7 V23
  12. Somerset County Maryland Marriage Records 1796-1871    F187.S7 V23
  13. Somerset County Maryland Marriage References and Family Relationships 1666-1800    F187.E84
  14. Tidbits and facts of Fairmount MD: From Papers of Viola Ford Landon    F189.F25 L36 1996
  15. Lower Eastern Shore Maryland Marriages including the Counties of Somerset, Worcester, Wicomico 1865-1906    F187.S7 V23
  16. Wicomico County Maryland Marriages 1868-1886    F187.W5 K44
  17. Baptism and Marriage Records Bethlehem Methodist Episcopal Church Taylors Island, Dorchester County, Maryland 1885-1977    BX8481.T38 W4
  18. Abstract of Somerset Parish Records of Somerset County Maryland    F187.S7 R2
  19. A Book of the Births, Marriages and Deaths of the Persons of Coventry Parish 1747-1790s    F187.S7 R2
  20. Stepney Parish Records of Somerset County Maryland    F187.S7 R2
  21. History of Antioch Charge and Weddings of the Antioch Charge 1857-1898    F187.S7 R22
  22. Antioch Methodist Church Records 1877-1917    F187. S7 R22
  23. Through the Years with Asbury and her People 1810-1939; Baptisms and Marriages Recorded from 1871-1939    RF187.S7 R22
  24. History of Sound Church (includes Baptismal & Marriage Records)    BX8481.W53 
  25. The Asbury Episcopal Church Collection Baptism Records (1851-1917)    BX8481.S3 A73
  26. The Asbury Episcopal Church Collection Marriage Records (1851-1922)    BX 8481.Se A73
  27. Salisbury Methodist Episcopal Church [Salisbury, Maryland] Birth, Baptism and Marriage Record Book 1928-1943 [with births c. 1880-1943]    BX8481.S3 A74
  28. All Hallows Episcopal Church Records Snow Hill, Maryland:  Births, Baptisms, Marriages and Deaths, 1828-1895    BX5980.S66 T55
  29. SCFH 49 Dorchester, Maryland, Marriage License Records 1780-1855
     on micofilm


  1. Accomack County, Virginia Mortality Schedules 1850-1860-1870 (Transcribed by Gail Walczyk)    F232.A2 A156
  2. Marriage Records of Accomack County, Virginia (1854-1895) (Compiled by Barry W. Miles and Moody K. Miles, III)    F232.A2 M55 1997
  3. Marriage License Bonds of Accomack County, Virginia from 1774 to 1806 (Stratton Nottingham)    F232.A2 N6 1965/1991
  4. The Marriage License Bonds of Accomack County, Virginia (1791-1854) (Stratton Nottingham)    F232.A2 N62
  5. Marriage Records of Accomack County, Virginia (1776-1854) Recorded in Bonds, Licenses and Ministers' Returns (Nora Milles Turman)    F232.A2 T87 1994
  6. The Accomack County Birth Register (1853-1896) (Transcribed and compiled by Gail M Walczyk) 3 vols (1853-1876, 1877-1886, 1887-1896)    F232.A2 W258
  7. The Accomack County Death Register (1853-1896) (Transcribed and compiled by Gail M Walczyk)    F232.A2 W3 1997
  8. Colonial Deaths Northampton County (Compiled by Jean M Mihalyka)    F232.N85 M542 2003
  9. SCFH 45 Accomack County, VA, Register of Deaths, 1853-1896, includes race and slave status, prior to 1865 on microfilm
    SCFH 14 Marriages and Deaths from Eastern Shore Virginia Newspapers 1881-1912      CD – ask at front desk
    SCFH 13 Accomack County, VA Marriage Registry No 4 1896 – 1925   CD – ask at front desk