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Family History at the Nabb Center: Leslie Dryden Collection (and Family Files)


The Dryden Collection was compiled by and named for Leslie Dryden, a Delmarva historian and genealogist who spent over 50 years transcribing summaries of public records, correspondence, and newspaper information of the Eastern Shore into an over 1,800 surname-based set of handwritten records.

Although not indexed, the Dryden Collection is surname-based, making research within the collection quite easy. The collection gives much information for those researching families in Worcester, Wicomico, and Somerset Counties, Maryland and other Eastern Shore counties. The collection is almost entirely handwritten; correspondence and newspaper clippings may also be included. Public record entries have been summarized, with sources identified.

Leslie P. Dryden (1912-1994) was born in West Post Office, Somerset County, Maryland to Samuel and Nova Dryden. He married Leona A. Endlich (1918-2005) in Baltimore, Maryland in 1934 and received his education at George Washington and American Universities graduating in 1947 and 1961. Dryden went on to work for the United States Department of Agriculture as a biochemist.

Surname Index

  • Abbott, Abdel, Absolum, Ackworth, Adams, Addison, Adkins, Adley, Adrion, Agnew, Agnifield, Aikman, Ake, Alexander, Alford, Allen, Allison, Alpha, Ames, Anderson, Andrews, Angell, Anglin, Annis, Anno, Ansley, Arbockle, Ardis, Argo, Armiger, Armwood, Armstrong, Arnold, Ascue, Ashmead, Ashton, Atkinson, Austin, Avery, Aydeltt, Aydelott, Ayers, Ayleard, Aylward, Ayres

  • Bacon, Bagwell, Bailey, Baird, Baker, Balding, Ball, Ballard, Banks, Bannister, Barber, Barbon, Barclay, Barkley, Barleigh, Barnaby, Barnes, Barnett, Barret, Barry, Bartlett, Bashaw, Bassett, Bates, Batson, Battill, Batts, Baylis, Baynes, Baynes, Baynum, Beachboard, Beasey Beauchamp, Beckett, Bedsworth, Beebe, Beech, Belitha, Bell, Bellin, Belote, Bennett, Benson, Benton, Berkum, Besson, Bethards, Betts, Bevans, Brickhead, Bigland, Birch, Bishop, Black, Blades, Blaine, Blair, Blake, Blizzard, Bloodsworth, Bloxsom, Bloyce, Bluett, Bodkin, Body, Boggs, Bohm, Bolithar, Bond, Bonneville, Boone, Booth, Bordman, Boston, Botham, Boucher, Bounds, Bousee, Bowden, Bowditch, Bowen, Bowhanan, Bowland, Bowlen, Bowman , Boyce, Boyer, Bozman, Bradford, Bradley, Bradshaw, Brady, Bramble, Bratten, Bray, Brayfield, Brazier, Breeding, Breman, Brenton, Brevand, Brewer, Briddell, Brimer, Brinkley, Britain, Britt, Brittingham, Broadwater, Brooks, Brookshaw, Broughton, Brown, Bruff, Brumbly, Bryan, Buck, Buckler, Budd, Bull, Bullen, Bunce Buncle, Bundick, Bunting, Burbage, Burgan, Burgess, Burke, Burn, Burnett, Burroughs, Burton, Bush, Bussells, Butler, Byrd

  • Cade, Caine, Caldwell, Callahan , Callender, Calloway, Calvert, Cambridge, Cameron, Campbell, Cannon, Cantwell, Carberry , Carew, Carey, Carlisle, Carmean , Carmichael, Carney, Carpenter, Carr, Carroll, Carsley, Carter, Carver, Case, Casper, Cathell, Catherwood, Catlin, Canton, Caulk, Causey, Cavander, Cave, Chadwick, Chaille, Chain, Chamberlain, Chambers, Chance, Chandler, Chaney, Chapman, Charnock, Chase, Chatham, Cheeseman, Chelton, Cherrix, Chesser, Chipman , Christian, Christie, Christopher, Churn, Clark, Clarkson , Clarvoe, Clayton, Clifton, Clogg, Clowes, Cluff, Cobb, Cochran, Coe, Coffin, Cohoon, Cole, Coleman, Colgan, Collick, Collier, Colligan, Collins, Collison, Colona, Condiff, Conklin, Connally, Conner, Conquest, Conway, Cook, Cooksey, Cooper, Cope, Corbett, Corbin, Cord, Cordery, Cornell, Cornish, Cornwell, Corsey, Coster, Coston, Cottingham, Cottman , Cotton, Coulbourne, Coulter, Council, Coverdale, Covington, Cowan, Cowley, Cox, Craft, Crammer, Crampfield, Cranfield, Crawfield, Crawford, Creighton, Crew, Crippen, Crisfield , Crist, Crockett , Cropper, Crosdale, Crosley, Croswell, Crouch, Crowder , Cullen, Culver, Cummings, Cunningham, Curles, Curran, Curry, Curtis, Custis, Cutler

  • Dagsworthy, Dakes, Dale, Daley, Daltrieu, Damerel , Dana, Daniell, Darby, Darcus, Dasey, Dashiell, Daugherty, Daughters, Davidson, Davis, Davy, Dawson, Day, Dayton, DeWaal, DeBonne, Dean, Deardee, Delamas, Delastatious, Dempsey, Dennis, Dennison, Denny, Denston, Dent, Denton, Denwood, Derrickson, Deveraux, Diamond, Dickerson, Digner, Dilworth, Dingle, Dingly, Disharoon, Dix, Dize, Dobson, Dolby, Donaldson, Donaway, Donohoe, Donovan, Doody, Dorman, Dorsey, Dory, Douglas, Dove, Dowdall, Downey, Downing, Downs, Draper, Driggas, Driskill, Drummond, Drury, Dryden, Donald, Dubberly , Duitt, Duer, Duffield, Duffy, Dukes, Dubbins, Dulany, Dunbar, Duncan, Dunlap, Dunn, Dunton, Durham, Duzan, Dyer, Dynoch

  • Eames, Earley, East, Edgar, Edge, Edwards, Efford, Elgate, Ellegood, Ellingsworth, Elliott, Ellis, Ellison, Elmore, Elzey, Emenizer, Emmett, Emory, English, Ennalls, Ennis, Ent, Ereskin, Esham, Eskridge , Evans, Everton, Evett, Ewell, Ewing

  • Fall, Farlow, Farrell, Farrington, Farrow, Fassett, Faulkner , Feddemen, Feddy, Finnessy , Fenton, Fenwick, Ferguson, Fields, Finch, Finney, Fish, Fisher, Fitchett, Fitzgerald, Fitzwater, Flavel, Fleetwood , Fleming, Fletcher, Flint, Flowers, Floyd, Fluelling, Fluhart, Flurer, Fodders, Follin, Fontaine , Fooks, Fordred, Forman, Forsythe , Foskey, Foster, Fowler, Fox, Foxon, Foxwell, Frame, Framway, Francis , Franklin, Frazier, Freeks, Freeman, Freeny, French, Frizell, Fullerton, Furbush, Furlong, Furniss

  • Gale,Ganby, Gardiner, Garland, Garrison , Gaskins, Gastineau, Gates, Gault, Geddes, Gennell, George, Gibbons, Gibbs, Gibson, Gilbert, Gilchrist, Giles, Gill, Gillespie, Gillett, Gilliland, Gillis, Gladden, Glasgow , Glass, Glaster, Glendell, Goddard, Godfrey, Godwin, Gogan, Goldsborough, Goldsmith, Goodman, Gootee, Gordon, Gordy, Gore, Gornwell, Goslee, Goswelling, Gould, Graden, Graham, Grant, Gravenner , Gray, Green, Greer, Griffin, Griffith, Grines, Grinlis, Groom, Groscup, Groten, Grove, Grumbles, Guinn, Gunby, Gunn, Gupton, Gurley, Gurney, Guthery, Guy

  • Hack,Hadder, Haddock, Hales, Haley, Hall, Hambert, Hambury, Hamilton, Hamlin , Hammond, Hampton, Hance, Hancock, Handy, Hanes, Hanley, Hanna, Hanson, Harcum, Hardester, Harding, Hardy, Hargis, Hargrove, Harmon, Harmonson, Harney, Harper, Harrington, Harris, Hart, Harvey, Harwood, Hasfurt, Haste, Hastings, Hasty, Hatfield, Hathaway, Hathley, Hatton, Hawkins, Haydon, Hayward, Hayman, Haynes, Haynie, Heath, Heather, Heaton, Hemingway, Henderson; Hemmons, Henley, Henry, Herbert, Herman, Heward, Hewitt, Hey (Hie), Hickey, Hickman, Hicks, Higgins, Highway, Hignett, Hill, Hilliard, Hillman, Hindman, Hitch, Hitchens, Hobbs, Hodges, Hodson, Hoffman, Hogg, Holbrook, Holder, Holland, Holliday, Holloway, Holmes, Holt, Holton, Hook, Hooper, Hope, Hopewell, Hopkins, Horner, Hornsby, Horseman, Hosea, Horsey, Hosier, Hough, Houghton, Houston, Howard, Howarth , Howell, Hubbard, Hudson, Huett, Huffington, Hugg, Huggins, Hughes, Humphries, Hundley, Hunt, Hunter, Huntington, Hurley, Hust, Husted, Huston, Hutchins , Hutchinson, Hutt, Hutton, Hyland

  • Iliffe, Inckley, Ingersoll, Ingram, Irons, Ironshire, Irving, Isaacs

  • Jackson, Jacobs, James, Jarmon, Jarrett, Jarvis, Jefferson, Jenison, Jenner, Jenkinson , Jester, Johnson, Jones, Jordan, Joseph, Joyce, Joynes, Juett, Justice

  • Kane, Kaylor, Keas, Keene, Keith, Kellam, Kellett, Kelly, Kelpin, Kemp, Kendall, Kenly, Kennerly, Kennett, Kenny, Kent, Kerr, Kershan, Keysar, Kibble, Kilby, Killman, Kimball, Kimberly, King, Kinnikin, Kinsley, Kirby, Kirk, Kirkpatrick, Kirwan, Kitchin, Knapp, Knepschelt, Knight, Knipe, Knowles, Knox, Kollock, Krentzer

  • Lacey, Landon, Lake, Lamb, Lambden, Lambertson, Lambruse, Lamdreth, Lamee, Lampen, Lane, Lang, Langrell, Langsdale, Lank, Lankford, Larkin, Larramore, Latchum , Lattimore, Lawless, Lawrence, Laws, Lawson, Layfield, Layton, Leach, Leake, Leatherbury, Lecates, Lecompte, Lecount, Ledman, Lee, Lemon, Lenard, LesCallette, Lester, Lewis, Libby, Light, Lilliston, Lindell, Lindow, Lindsey, Ling, Lingley, Lingo, Linton, Lippincott, Lisney, Lister, Liston, Little, Littleton, Livingston, Lloyd, Lockerman, Lockwood, Lofland, Logan, Lokey, London, Long, Lord, Lore, Loreman , Lowder, Lowe, Lowery, Lucas, Ludlam, Luke, Lun, Lurton, Luste, Lynche, Lyon

  • Mabbott, Mace, Maddox, Maddrix, Magan, Mahan, Majors, Malcomb, Mallett, Mallison , Malone , Maloney, Manders , Manklin, Manlove, Mann, Manuel, Manning, Mannix, Mapp, March, Marchant, Marchment, Marcum, Marine, Marks, Marriner, Marriott, Marsh, Marshall, Martial, Martin, Marvel, Mason, Massey, Mathenson, Mather, Matthews, Matthias, Maull, Maxfield, May, Mayne, Mayo, McAllen, McAllister, McBride, McBriety, McCabe, McCall, McCalpin, McCane, McCarthy, McCaully, McCellon, McClain, McClellan, McClemmy, McClester, McClish, McClure , McCormick, McCoy, McCrea, McCready, McCuddy, McCullough, McDaniel, McDorman, McDowell, McElkiney, McFadden, McFarland, McGee, McGinnis, McGlanery, McGlaughlin, McGrain, McGrath, McGregor, McGuire, McHenry, McIlavaine, McInnis, McIntosh, McIntyre, McKean, McKee, McKenny, McKinzie, McLaughlin, McMaster, McMichael, McMullen, McMurray, McNamera, McNeal, McNider, McNitt, McPherson, McVeigh, McWilliams, Meade, Mealy, Mears, Medcalf, Meech, Melahy, Melson, Melton, Melvin, Mercer, Meredith, Merrill, Merritt, Metcalf, Methwin, Mezick, Middleton, Midgley, Mifflin, Milborne, Milby, Miles, Miller, Millett, Milligan, Mills, Minish, Minors, Miskill, Mister, Mitchell, Mitcheller, Moffett. Moller, Molleston, Moncar, Monroe, Montgomery, Moodey, Moolson , Mooney, Moore, Morgan, Morris, Morrison, Morrow, Mosely, Moses, Mount, Muir, Mulcahy, Mulder, Mullen, Mumford, Mungar, Murphy, Murray, Myers

  • Nairne, Nash, Neale, Needham, Niember, Nelms, Nelson, Nesham, Nevah, Newbold, Newcomb, Newill, Newman, Newton, Niblet, Nichols, Nicholson, Noble, Nock, Norman, Norris, North, Northam, Norton, Nottingham, Nugent, Nutter

  • O'Bryan, O'Day, O'Dear, O'Dell, O'Shehanna, Oates, Oke, Olandman, Oliphant , Onions , Onley, Opper, Osbourne, Ottley, Otwell, Outerbridge, Outten Overton, Owens, Oxford

  • Paden, Page, Palmatery, Palmer, Pank, Panther, Paradise, Parker, Parkinson, Parks, Parr, Parranore, Parrot, Parsons, Parvin, Pasquith, Passwaters, Patrick, Patterson, Patty, Paul, Payne, Peacock, Pead, Peale, Pearcey, Pearson, Peart, Peddington, Penderton, Pendelton, Penn, Pennell, Pennwell, Pennock, Pentland, Pepper, Perdue, Perkins, Perry, Peterkin, Peters, Peterson , Pettijohn, Pettit, Phillips, Phippin, Phipps, Phoebus, Pilchard, Piles, Pinto, Piper, Pitts, Planner, Plumer, Plunkett, Poleyette, Polk, Pollitt, Pond, Ponton, Poole, Porter, Postley, Potter, Poulson, Powders, Powell, Powers, Poynter, Pratt, Prentice, Preston, Prettyman, Price, Prideaux, Primrose, Prior, Pritchett, Probart, Profit, Pruitt, Puckhan, Puddery, Purnel, Purviance, Pusey

  • Quartermas, Quillen, Quinn, Quinton

  • Rackliffe, Ragley, Rallison, Ralph, Ranjay, Rankin, Ranson, Rappon, Ratledge , Ray, Rayfield, Raymond, Rayne, Reader, Reading, Ready, Records, Redden, Reddish, Reece, Reed, Reeves, Register, Rencher, Renny, Revell, Reynolds, Rhodes, Riall, Rice, Rich, Richards, Richardson, Ricketts, Riddell, Rider, Ridgeley, Ridines, Ridley, Rigby, Riggin, Riggs, Riley, Rimmer, Ringgold, Ringler, Risley, Ritchie, Ritzel, Roach, Roberts, Robertson, Robins, Robinson, Rock, Rodney, Rogers, Rollins, Rose, Ross, Round, Rowan, Rowe, Rowell, Rowland, Royal, Ruark, Rudolph , Rugg, Rumbley, Russell, Russum, Rust, Rutter, Ryan, Ryland

  • Sadler, Salisbury, Salman, Sampson, Samuels, Sanders, Sandwith, Sandford, Sangster, Sartorious, Sasrit, Sasscer, Sattchel, Satterfield, Savage, Sawyer, Sayers, Scady, Scandlin , Scarborough, Schoolfield, Schwartz, Scott, Scrogin, Scroginlinere, Scudder, Seabreeze, Seals, Selby, Seon, Sermon, Seville, Seward, Sewell, Sexton, Seymour, Shane, Shanklin, Sharkey, Sharp, Sharpley, Shaw, Shay, Shehee, Sheldon, Shepherd, Sheridan, Sheriff, Sherwood, Shery, Shiel, Shiles, Shiletto, Shipham, Shipley, Shipway, Shirley, Shivers, Shockley , Shores, Short, Showard, Showell, Shrieves , Shuttleworth, Silverthorn, Simmons, Simms, Simonson, Simpkins, Simpler, Simpson, Singleton, Sipple, Skinner, Skirvin, Slattery, Slemmons, Slingo, Sloan, Slocum, Sloss, Small, Smallwood, Smart, Smashey, Smith, Smock, Smullen, Smyly, Snead, Snee, Snelling, Snow, Solloway, Somers, Soper, Sorin, Southern, Spalding, Sparkman, Sparrow, Spear, Speights, Spence, Spencer, Spicer, Spiva, Spriggs, Spurrier, Squires, Stafford, Stagg, Standbridge, Standford, Stanley, Stanton, Stapleford, Starr, Starrett, Statin, Stayton, Steele, Sterling, Stevens, Stevenson, Stewart, Stilley, Stitt, Stockdell, Stocks, Stockwell, Stokes, Story, Stott, Stoughton, Stratton, Straughn, Strawbridge, Strayer, Street, Strickland, Stringer, Sturgis, Stubbins, Sudler, Sullivan, Sutton, Swaine, Sweeney, Swift, Sydnor, Symington

  • Talbot, Tankersley, Tarleton, Tarr, Tate, Tatman, Tattlock, Tawes, Taylor, Teackle, Teague, Teeling, Templin, Tennant, Terry, Thawley, Thomas, Thompson, Thorpe, Thorington, Thorne, Thornton , Thorogood, Thrift, Tignall, Tignor, Tilgham, Tilney, Timmons, Tindall, Tingle, Tipton, Tisdale, Toadvine, Todd, Toft, Tomlinson, Tompkins, Tone, Topping, Torbert, Tower, Townsend, Tracy, Trader, Trahearn, Traile, Train, Travers, Trice, Trippe, Trubshaw , Truitt, Truman, Tubes, Tucker, Tull, Tully, Tunnell, Tunnis, Tunstall, Turlington, Turner, Turpin, Turvill, Twigford, Twigg, Twilley, Tyler, Tyre

  • Umstead, Underhill, Underwood, Upshur

  • Valentine, Vance, Vandergrift, Vandom, Vaughan, Veasey, Venor, Venable, Venettson, Vestry, Vetra, Vickers, Victor, Victory, Vigerous, Vincent, Virdin

  • Waddy, Waggaman, Wagner, Wailes, Wainwright, Walker, Wallace, Waller, Wallop, Walls, Walston, Walter, Waltham, Walton, Ward, Ware, Warren, Warrington, Warver, Warwick, Washburn, Waterfield, Waters, Watkins, Watkinson, Watson, Watts, Weatherly, Weaver, Webb, Webdel, Webster, Weedon, Weeks, Welbourne, Welch, Weldon, Wells, Wessels, Westcott, Westerhouse, Westlake, Whaley, Wharton , Whayland, Whealton, Wheatley, Wheeler, Whitaker, White, Whitehead, Whitelock, Whitney, Whittier, Whittingham, Whittington, Whitty, Widdowson, Widgeon,Wilcox,Wildgoose, Wilgus, Wildman,Wilkerson,Wilkins, Wilks, Willett, Willey, Williams, Williamson, Willing, Willis, Wills, Wilson, Wiltbank, Winant, Winder, Windsor, Wine, Wingate Winslow, Wise, Wolf, Wonnell, Wood, Woodcock, Woodcraft,Woodland, Woodnard, Woodward, Woolford, Woolsey, Wooster, Wooten, Wordie, Workman, Worrall, Worth, Worthey, Worthington, Wouldhave, Wright, Wrixon, Wroten, Wroth, Wyatt, Wye

  • Yerby, Young