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MGMT 429 Hickman: Company & Business Research

Recommended strategies and resources for the Consulting Team Project.

Finding B2B Customers

The same strategies used to analyze competition in a local market (to the right) can be used to find business-to-business customers on a local scale. Instead of using keywords to search for your company's industry, think of ones that relate to the kinds of businesses to which your company wants to sell their products or services.


Analyzing Competition in a Local Market

Many small businesses are either family owned or owned by one or a few partners. They are usually private companies who do not sell stock. Only the companies that are traded on the stock market make information about their organizations available to the public. Private businesses do not share financial, personnel, or sales data information.

There are other ways to analyze your competition and get the information you need--or at least come up with viable estimates.

How to find your competitors in a local market

Search yellow pages and directories

Search the local Chamber of Commerce and/or Economic Development websites for business directories. These resources also contain an abundance of information and data on the local industries.

Search Census information as a map, report, or data tables.

Guides and Toolkits for Business Owners