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Circulation Student Employee Manual: Technology

Guide for student employees working in the Circulation Department

Circulating Equipment

  • Laptops
  • Headphones
  • iPads
  • Fitbits


The SU Libraries MakerLab offers 3D printing and scanning, laminating, single-board computers and microcontrollers like the Raspberry Pi and the Arduinio, access to online video tutorials through, and much more. Visitors can come to the MakerLab to experiment with new technology, build prototypes for personal or school projects, print replacement parts for all kinds of hardware, learn from others interested in technology and design, and so much more. 

MakerLab Home Page

MakerLab Hours

Fax Machine

The fax machine is located in the 1st floor print station alcove near GAC 162.  Payment must be made with a credit or debit card.  The charge is $1.75 for the first page and $1 for additional pages.  This machine may be used only to send faxes, not receive them.

Accessibility Room

The Accessibliity Room is located on the 1st floor of the Guerrieri Academic Commons, Room 115. The room has 5 computers that all have the most common accessibility software installed, such as Dragon Dictation, ZoomText, and JAWS. Access to this room is restricted. If students need access to the Accessibility Room, please refer them to Student Disability Support Services.

How Do I...

Check out and return an iPad/Fitbit


Assign a temporary computer username/password

Log into GullNet using your swlibrary# account/password.

  1. Click on Main Menu/SU Custom/Security/Use/Temporary AD Accounts
  2. Click on the yellow Search button, which will bring up a list of the accounts already assigned
  3. Find a user ID that has not been assigned – it will say “blank” in the name field – and click on that account
  4. Turn on the monitor so the patron can enter the necessary information:
    1. Name
    2. Phone
    3. Email
    4. ID type (select from drop-down menu)
    5. ID number
  5. Change the End Date to 2 weeks from the current date
  6. In the Reason for Access field, enter “internet,” or something similar
  7. Click on the yellow Enable button
  8. Click on the yellow Save button
  9. Click on the yellow printable page button at the top of the page, and print the information for the patron, or write the username and password on the small slips with the printer information.
  10. Ask the patron if they plan to print.  If so, give them one of the small handouts that explain the cost and correct printers.

Download the SU Libraries App 

The SU Libraries App allows SU Patrons to have quick access to all kinds of library resources even when they are not in the library. An updated version is available for iOS now, with an Android version coming soon.

Using the app, patrons can:

  • Use their phone as their library card for checking out books and devices
  • Ask any question they have through our mobile chat service
  • Search for books or articles right from their phone
  • See the library's hours
  • Get research help from guides designed by SU Librarians on every subject, and even some for specific classes
  • Reserve a study room, and see which rooms are available
  • See which computers are available, and which areas in the library are the most or the least busy
  • See how many iPads and other devices are available for checkout from the Library Service Desk
  • View maps of the building
  • View the latest library news

How do I look up the person's account so they can enter their 14-digit barcode number to create the library card?


Printing in the GAC

There are print release stations located throughout the building on every floor. Each computer will default to printing from the printers located on that floor. 

Mobile printing is also available for printing from a personal laptop, tablet, or smartphone. You can visit the Printing Services page to learn more about how to use the mobile printing system.

Color printing is available from the Library Service Desk on the first floor. To print in color, choose the color printer when printing your document from any computer located in the Academic Commons. Then go to the Library Service Desk and you will see a color print release station. Log in to the release station and print your job. A library staff member will then get your prints for you. To print in color, select the go_ac146_color printer. Color printing is 50¢ per page.

Guest printing is available for non-SU-affiliated patrons. Prints are 10¢ per page for black and white prints, and 50¢ per page for color prints. To print in black and white, select the AC146-CIRC printer. To print in color, select the go_ac146_color printer. Prints can be picked up at the Library Service Desk.

You can use our library maps to see all the printing and scanning locations throughout the buidling.


Scanning is available using large flatbed scanners or document feeder scanners at our scanning kiosks. The kiosks are located in each of the printing alcoves on the 1st floor, as well as in the center of the 3rd floor.