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Circulation Student Employee Manual: Home

Guide for student employees working in the Circulation Department

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Amy Jones, Head of Circulation
GAC 146D


SU Libraries Mission Statement

The Salisbury University Libraries cultivate and sustain a superior learning community by providing user-centered services and information resources in an engaging environment dedicated to the free exchange of ideas and excellence in learning, teaching, scholarship, creativity, and service.

Student Expectations and Responsibilities

  • Abide by library and university policies 
  • Provide excellent customer service to all library patrons
  • Complete time sheet accurately
  • Find a substitute if you are unable to work your assigned shift

When You Start Your Shift

  1. Log in to desk computer, and open Aleph.
  2. Log in to Google+ page; read and +1 any new posts
  3. Open this online Student Employee Manual
  4. Check inside book drop for books needing to be returned
  5. Check shelving carts and place books in order
  6. Check for DVDs and leisure books needing to be shelved
  7. Check online substitute list for open shifts needing coverage
  8. Ask staff member on duty if anything else needs to be done

Research Help Desk Hours

Monday-Thursday     9 am to 10 pm
Friday                          9 am to 4 pm
Saturday                    12 to 4 pm
Sunday                       4 to 9 pm

Student Employee Telephone Numbers

FALL 2017


Kalena Blackman


Tiara Broome


Kathryn Fleming


Alex Greer


Carlos Hernandez


Amy Mahlik


Ashley Miller


Justin Moultrie


Brian Peterson


Nicholas Russell


Zach Shenal


Dani Walker


Amanda Walstrum


Denai White


Victoria Wright


Dress Code

Salisbury University Libraries

(Including the Curriculum Resource Center and the Nabb Research Center)

Student Dress Code

The purpose of this policy is to ensure that student workers dress appropriately, both to present a suitable image for the SU Libraries, including the Curriculum Resource Center and the Nabb Research Center, and to show respect for their jobs, co-workers, students, faculty, staff, and other visitors.   


Whenever they are working, student workers should wear neat, clean clothes with no visible tears, rips, or frays.  Students must wear shoes at all times, and, depending on duties, may need to wear appropriate, protective footwear.   The following are specifically banned:

  • Clothing with obscene language or obscene images
  • Anything that is so revealing as to show undergarments or body parts other than head, neck, arms, and legs below mid-thigh

This policy applies to student workers at the SU Libraries, including the Curriculum Resource Center and the Nabb Research Center. Supervisors will discuss inappropriate clothing with student workers, if the occasion should arise.

Thank you for your help in projecting an appropriate image for the SU Libraries, including the Curriculum Resource Center and the Nabb Research Center.