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Circulation Student Employee Manual: Service Desk Operations

Guide for student employees working in the Circulation Department

Overdue Fines and Lost Book Replacement Charges

Fine Inquiry Form

General Collection Books:
25 cents/day/item

Course Reserves/DVDs/Equipment (headphones, etc.):
Hourly:  $1 per hour per item 
Daily:  One-day loans: $10 per day per item; Three-day and Seven-day loans:  $2 per day per item

Daily Overdue Fines:  $10 per day for laptop, and $10 per day for laptop charger, up to a maximum of $100 each.  
Lost or Damaged:  $1100 replacement fee for laptop, $50 replacement fee for laptop charger.

Daily Overdue Fines: $10 per day for iPad, and $10 per day for iPad charger, up to a maximum of $50 each. After 5 days, the iPad and charger will be presumed lost.
Lost or Damaged: $800 replacement fee for iPad, $50 replacement fee for charging cord and/or power adapter.

Daily Overdue Fines:
 $10 per day, up to a maximum of $50.  After 5 days, the Fitbit will be presumed lost.
Lost or damaged:  Replacement fees of $100 for Fitbit Flex, $150 for Fitbit Charge, and $250 for Fitbit Surge.

Patron Confidentiality and Privacy

ALA policy concerning confidentiality

At the SU Libraries, we believe it is important to protect the privacy and confidentiality of all persons using library materials. Privacy and confidentiality are essential to the exercise of free speech, free thought, and free association. Therefore, the following information is not to be revealed to anyone other than SU Libraries staff, or the relevant patron. It is not to be revealed to other patrons, faculty, administrators, other students, police, credit bureaus, boyfriends, girlfriends, parents, etc. If anyone asks you for this information, immediately refer them to your supervisor:

  • Patron names, addresses or telephone numbers
  • Employee home addresses or telephone numbers
  • Student employee's work and/or class schedules
  • The name of the person who has an item checked out
  • What items a person has checked out
  • Internet sites or online databases used by a patron
  • A patron's fines or bills (If a question is received by the Cashier's Office, refer the inquiry to your supervisor.)

Desk Schedule

What if I cannot work my shift?
It is your responsibility to work your shift or find a substitute.  If an emergency arises, we are understanding, as long as you communicate with the staff.  In general, if you have plenty of advance notice, simply post the shift on the substitute portion of the online student schedule.  If it's a last minute conflict, send a message to the entire group using the Crew app.  Also call the Library Service Desk (410.548.2386) to alert the staff member on duty, particularly if it's after 4 pm or on a weekend.

How much advance notice do you have? Where should I post the shift? Anyone else I should contact?
1-2 weeks or more online student schedule substitute section No
2-3 days online student schedule and Crew Amy
A few hours up to 1 day Crew

Amy; also call  Library Service Desk to alert  staff member on duty


Where Do I Return This?


First, make sure the disc is in the case when the item is returned.  DVD cases and discs are kept in several locations.  Some discs are kept in the plastic case, while others are placed in a separate case in the media drawers, so please make a note of where each type belongs:

French and Spanish Film cases are kept in the Pit, while the discs should be returned to the media drawers in front of Cassy's desk. These are color coded - French DVDs have blue stickers and Spanish DVDs have red stickers.

Film Studies cases and discs are kept on the Film Studies course reserve shelf.

General Collection (7-day loan) cases are kept in the Pit, while the discs should be returned to the media drawers in front of Cassy's desk.

Music CD

Course Reserve item

Juvenile Book

Government Document

CRC item


What can I do if things are slow at the service desk?

  • Ask the staff member on duty if they need help with anything
  • Wrap the laptop charging cords neatly
  • In the Pit, make sure DVDs and leisure collection items are in LC order
  • Clean desk area and headphones with anti-bacterial wipes
  • Check to see if we're running low on printed forms, including Student Employment Applications and Special Borrower Registrations.
  • Play around on the library website and learn something new
  • Read through the list of available databases in your subject of interest and familiarize yourself with them
  • Review the books on the Hold Shelf and make sure they are in alphabetical order by the last name
  • Refill the printers with paper
  • Check the Lost and Found area
    • make sure all of the lost Gull Card holders have been emailed
    • organize the items neatly in their containers
    • empty the water bottles that have liquid and throw away
  • Empty the pencil sharpener shavings
  • Check the iPad and Fitbit plastic bins and make sure the bags are in order.  Check the bags to see if any are damaged and need to be replaced.
  • Scan the Course Reserve shelves and make sure items are in the correct number order

How Do I...

Use Aleph to

  • check out
  • return
  • renew

​Check out special items, including:

  • iPads
  • DVDs

Request books from other libraries

How to Assign Temporary Computer Accounts in GullNet

Assigning Temporary AD Accounts For Community Computer Users:

First, the patron must provide a valid photo ID.  Please verify that the patron's name on the ID matches the name they enter in the online form.

Log into GullNet using your swlibrary# account/password.

  1. Click on Main Menu/SU Custom/Security/Use/Temporary AD Accounts
  2. Click on the yellow Search button, which will bring up a list of the accounts already assigned
  3. Find a user ID that has not been assigned – it will say “blank” in the name field – and click on that account
  4. Turn on the monitor so the patron can enter the necessary information:
    1. Name (full name - first and last)
    2. Phone
    3. Email
    4. ID type (select from drop-down menu)
    5. ID number
  5. Change the End Date to 2 weeks from the current date
  6. In the Reason for Access field, enter “internet,” or something similar
  7. Click on the yellow Enable button
  8. Click on the yellow Save button
  9. Click on the yellow printable page button at the top of the page, and print the information for the patron or write it on a handout
  10. Ask the patron if they plan to print.  If so, give them one of the small handouts that explains the cost and correct printers.

How to Help a Patron with...

Reserving a group study room

  • SU patrons may reserve group study rooms themselves at this link. Community patrons are not permitted to reserve group study rooms.
  • Please refer patrons to the study room policy page for more information.

Using a locker

  • Near the Library Service Desk and the Café, there are several lockers available for patrons to store their personal belongings while they are in the library or on campus. The lockers use personal combinations that can be set to secure items, and many of them include power outlets so your devices can charge while you're in class or studying.  The lockers are self-serve, and are not reservable.  If a user forgets the combination to one of the charging lockers, a library staff member can retrieve the master key.

Our Lost and Found system