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Circulation Student Employee Manual: Time Sheets

Guide for student employees working in the Circulation Department

Questions about your time sheet?

Amy Jones

Karen Wilson

Completing Your Time Sheet

  • It is your responsibility to be sure your time sheet accurately reflects the hours you have worked.
  • Enter the hours you work as you work them (not in advance).  
  • If you work more than one shift on the same day, you will need to write small and fit both shifts in the same From and To boxes on the sheet. 
  • Enter the total hours worked for each day, and use decimals to express portions of an hour (15 minutes = .25; 30 minutes = .5; 45 minutes = .75).
  • Sign and date your time sheet on the last day you work. 
  • If you have two contracts (1 for regular hours and 1 for a late night shift), please be sure to record the hours on the correct time sheet.  Sign and date these time sheets according to the last day you work for each contract.


When do I get paid?

Paychecks are deposited to your bank account every two weeks.

Paycheck Schedule