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Circulation Student Employee Manual: Late Night Shift

Guide for student employees working in the Circulation Department

Pay Rate and Time Sheet

Student employees who sign up for a late night shift (11 pm to 2 am) must sign a separate contract for this shift, and will be given a separate time sheet to enter these hours.  Students who are contracted to work the late night shift are paid at a higher rate ($10.50 per hour) for these hours.  Students who are not contracted to work the late night shift on a regular basis, but who substitute for another late night shift student, will be paid at the regular rate of $8.75 per hour.

Closing Procedures

Between 1:00-2:00

  • Record gate count numbers from gates 4 and 5 on clipboard


  • Make announcement on PA system (near 1st floor men’s restroom) telling patrons to exit the building or move to 24/7 space if they have a Gull Card


  • Walk around public areas on all 4 floors and make sure patrons know the building will be closing soon. 
  • On 3rd floor, close double doors leading to the stacks/quiet study areas
  • Lock the laptop cabinet and place the two black keys in the blue box in Amy's office


  • Begin to close glass Nana Wall (key in blue box in Amy’s office) – leave 1 or 2 panels open until 2:00 am so students can exit to the 24/7 space.


  • Close 2 sets of double doors barring entry from 24/7 space to main portion of building:
    • 1st floor in front of GAC 131 (near SE Rt. 13 entrance)
    • 2nd floor near group study room GAC 239
  • Pull across the black stanchion blocking the above sets of double doors
  • Pull across the poster stands in front of above sets of double doors


  • Close and lock glass Nana Wall
  • Return keys to Amy’s office and close Amy’s door

Safety and Security

Your safety is important!  If you ever feel unsafe while on duty, please do not hesitate to contact the Bennett security guard on duty or call University Police at X36222 or 410.543.6222.

University Security Guards are available to escort you to your car or your campus residence hall.