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ENGL 305 Payne: Find articles

Article Databases: By Subject and A-Z List

Multi-subject Databases

General or Multi-Subject databases are helpful early on as you begin to search for articles. Be sure to also search subject-specific databases for articles that will contain research that is more specialized.

Start out using just one or two keywords, and hope for a large number of results to work within. Then, add keywords as needed for more specific results.This is called a "broad-to-narrow" search strategy. 

Let's try the steps below in Academic Search Ultimate.

STEP ONE:  Uzbekistan= 12,000+ results

STEP TWO: Add healthcare = 165 results 

STEP THREE: After the keyword healthcare, add OR health services, and your results increase by 30 articles!


STEP FOUR: Now, use the checkbox on the left side of the screen to Limit To scholarly journals = 168 results 

STEP FIVE: Finally, think about the currency of the articles you seek. Healthcare issues tend to change often, so articles from the last ten years should do the trick. 


STEP SIX: Browse! You should have 129 articles left! Now, you can start to browse through and find a good fit.

STEP SEVEN: Also search subject-specific databases for more options. For example, a topic concerned with "healthcare" could be searched in health or medicine databases.

Other multi-subject databases to explore include:

Electronic archive of core journals in the humanities, social sciences, and sciences. Includes complete runs of journals with full-text of all articles published prior to the most current five years. Coverage spans the humanities, sciences, and social sciences.
Provides abstracts and indexing for 2,650 general periodicals. Full text of articles for nearly 2,000 periodicals, and 5,000 full text Magill Book Reviews.