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ENGL 305 Payne: News media in countries


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Think of all of the ways that news is available. Meanwhile, in other countries, Media Regulation is very different and often less-free. 

News media in other countries -  Claims to contain "links to All Countries newspapers and news media. Discover the most extensive All Countries newspaper and news media guide on the internet."

Wikipedia can be a great tool for finding information about current news media sources in other countries. However, you might notice many pages in which Wikipedia indicates "Sources are needed." It's best to corroborate accuracy using multiple sources.

For example, I have a good amount of success by searching: 

Example country: Uzbekistan

The See Also reference links can help you discover other important information. 

Notice how the References under Communications in Uzbekistan points to the CIA Factbook. 


World Press Freedom Index

World Press Freedom Index 

It is important to keep in mind restrictions placed upon news media in certain countries, particularly in countries that are less politically democratic. 

The World Press Freedom Index can help you to discover how restrictive your country's media/journalism/press is.