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MKTG 330/Marketing Audit Assignment: Assignment

Business Research Basics and Marking Assignment Support

Marketing Audit Project

This guide is organized by each section of the written assignment. On each page you will find:

  • Information Need -- what pieces of information do you need to find?
  • Types of Resources -- the kinds of resources in which you will likely find this information
  • Suggested Resources, Databases, etc. -- while these suggestions are not exhaustive, they will get you started

What You'll Need

  •  Researching the company

    • Org structure

    • Position in Industry

  • SWOT

  • Operating Environment

    • Customer Trends

    • Current Economic Trends

      • Listing, Indexes, Mutual Funds

    • Industry Trends

      • Company Comparison

    • Tech Trends

  • Researching Marketing Strategy

    • Identifying target customers

    • Marketing mix

  • Distribution

    • Channel Research

  • Researching Product Strategy

    • Branding, Product mix, product history

    • Pricing

  • Communication

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