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IDIS 335: Foundations of Interdisciplinary Studies: Find articles

In the research process: ARTICLES

1. Explore topic context (casual web searching)
2. Learn basic topic information (library catalog: books)
3. Focus on current scholarly conversations (library databases: articles)
4. Synthesize your ideas with previous scholarship (source citation)

5. Drafts & revisions (librarians & learning commons)

Why Articles?

Why use articles for research?

  • For very recent, current information
  • Cover very specific subjects
  • Popular topics
  • Alternative viewpoints
  • Reports on scholarly research

Suggested Databases

Below is a small sampling of databases that may prove useful in finding articles for your research project. If you are incorporating a discipline that is not covered by the following databases, visit the subject guide for that specific discipline (such as economics or psychology) and explore which databases are recommended.

Article Databases: By Subject and A-Z List

Outward differences between popular magazines and scholarly journals