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IDIS 335: Foundations of Interdisciplinary Studies: Critical Evaluation of Sources

Critically Evaluate Information

When thinking about how to evaluate sources, think of the phrase: ACT-UP

Who is the Author? How are they related to your object and/or your field of study?

How recent is your source? Currency is relative to your discipline. Sometimes (Medicine,
Public Health) that can be two years. Other times (areas in the Humanities) it can be much
longer, like decades. Or, somewhere in between (Social Sciences) like ten years old.

How accurate are the claims in the source? Can they be verified as the accepted Truth
in the discipline? 

Can you detect how Unbiased the author is when presenting the information in the source?

What Privilege is expressed by the author? Are they the only source on the topic? Can you
identify what ideas or voices are missing from this conversation? 



This information about how to evaluate sources is from the article Act Up for Evaluating Sources by Dawn Stahrua.

Outward differences between popular magazines and scholarly journals