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American Red Cross on Delmarva: Nursing, Volunteers, & Junior Red Cross

Red Cross Nursing

Beginning with American Red Cross founder, Clara Barton, who famously aided soldiers as an amateur nurse during the Civil War, Red Cross nursing has been at the core of the organization’s priorities, providing professional avenues for women starting as early as the 1890s. Early nursing efforts focused on disaster relief and military support, offering services on an “as needed” basis. By World Wars I and II, tens of thousands of Red Cross nurses served both at home and overseas to aid military and civilian victims of the conflict, and launched several programs that provided medical supplies abroad, veterans services, child welfare stations, and health centers. The Red Cross recruited approximately 153,000 nurses for the Army and Navy Nursing Corps by the end of World War II, with nearly 71,000 serving directly with the military at home and overseas. Nurses’ involvement in civilian and community services expanded considerably following the global conflict, introducing to communities throughout the United States home nursing training, nutrition courses, blood supply programs, and national health emergency services. More than 20,000 nurses are involved today in paid and volunteer service with the American Red Cross, continuing the 140-year tradition of service. 

This page highlights several collections at the Nabb Research Center that relate to Red Cross nursing, volunteer efforts, and the Junior Red Cross. 

Wicomico County Chapter Red Cross Training, circa 1941

American Red Cross Volunteer Patch

From the collections at the Nabb Research Center. It is currently on display in the Nabb's current exhibit, The Power of Humanity: The Red Cross on Delmarva in Guerrieri Academic Commons.

Collections Guide

Digital Archive

Accession # Description of Items Dropbox Link
2016.095.01.05 Motor Corps, Home Service, Nurse Aid, 1943 - 1945 View item
2016.095.01.14 Certification Card, Course Completion in Nutrition for Mrs. Brightly Wright, 1942 March View item
2016.095.01.33 Monthly Report, School Nursing Report, 1923 View item
2016.095.02.07 Correspondence, Invitation to Attend Roll Call, Mrs. J. S. Taylor to Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Sheppard, 1920 November 10 View item
2016.095.02.16 Pamphlet, Nursing Service Information, 1942 May View item


Digital Archive

Accession # Description of Items Dropbox Link
2016.095.01.10 Volunteer Special Services Report, 1942 - 1943 View item
2016.095.01.11 Membership Enrollment Card, Mr. D. B. Onens, 1920 View item
2016.095.01.13 Certification Card, Instructor in Elementary Hygiene and Home Care of the Sick, undated View item
2016.095.01.14 Certification Card, Course Completion in Nutrition for Mrs. Blighly Wright, 1942 March View item
2016.095.01.27 Volunteer Hours, 1943 - 1944 View item
2016.095.01.28 Volunteer Hours, 1943 - 1945 View item
2016.095.02.31-32 Photographs, Relief Work, Community Outreach and Training, Fundraisers, Annual Meetings, 2001 - 2003 View item
2016.095.02.32-33 Photographs, Christmas Parades, Katrina Aid, Relief Work, Community Outreach, Volunteer Picnic and Meetings, 2004 - 2009 View item


Digital Archive

Accession # Description of Items Dropbox Link
2016.095.02.10 Correspondence, To Junior Red Cross, 1951 April 9 View item
2016.095.02.20 Junior Red Cross Bulletin, 1941 - 1951 View item