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American Red Cross on Delmarva: World Wars I & II

The American Red Cross and the World Wars

The partnership between the Red Cross and the military is one that many are familiar with today, having developed over a century ago in response to the onslaught of World War I. The American Red Cross played an instrumental role during World Wars I and II by providing aid to American troops abroad, while also servicing veterans and servicemember's families at home. A variety of programs emerged as a direct result of the demand for services during wartime. Efforts during World War I focused primarily on supplying personnel, medical items, and food to troops overseas and Allied prisoners of war, as well as civilian victims of the conflict. Volunteers at home no doubt had their hands busy, as well, contributing to overseas efforts in addition to providing medical care and assistance to those affected by the 1918 influenza pandemic. The Red Cross during World War II witnessed the expansion of the Blood Donor program, POW relief, and military and veterans services. 

This page contains information on sources and collections related to the American Red Cross and its contributions, both domestic and abroad, during the World Wars. 

Nabb Research Center Artifacts

American Red Cross Dress, ca. 1917

From the Nabb Research Center Artifact Collections. 

American Red Cross Combat Medic Bag, 1942.

From the Nabb Research Center's Artifact Collections. 

Nabb Research Center Photographs

Photographs from sc2016.129a American Red Cross Hospital Photograph Album (Evreux, France)

sc2016.0129a.54 A Red Cross nurse tends to a soldier recovering from a medical procedure, 1918

Photographs from sc2016.129a American Red Cross Hospital Photograph Album (Evreux, France)

sc2016.129a.195 Three Red Cross nurses preparing packages with necessary medical supplies, 1918

Photographs from sc2016.129a American Red Cross Hospital Photograph Album (Evreux, France)

sc2016.129a.141 A group photo consisting of military personnel and Red Cross nurses in front of the American Red Cross Hospital in Evreux, France, 1918

Collections Guide

Digital Archive

Accession # Description of Items Dropbox Link
2016.095.01.01 Narrative History, Founding of Branches, circa 1917 View item
2016.095.01.06 Home Service, circa 1918 - 1920 View item
2016.095.01.12 Certificate of Organization of a Branch and Election of Officers, 1918 View item
2016.095.01.29 Meeting Minutes, 1916 - 1922 View item
2016.095.01.30 Meeting Minutes, 1922 - 1933 View item
2016.095.01.31 Transcript, Meeting Minutes, 1916 - 1934 View item
2016.095.02.06 Postcard advertising the Red Cross, 1916 View item
2016.095.02.27 Photograph, Red Cross Serviceman, circa 1918 View item


Digital Archive

Accession # Description of Items Dropbox Link
2016.095.01.02 History Report, Compiled by Mrs. Harry L. Jones, Executive Secretary, 1942 - 1945 View item
2016.095.01.07 Home Service, 1942 January View item
2016.095.01.08 Home Service, circa 1942 - 1943 View item
2016.095.01.10 Volunteer Special Services Report, 1942 - 1943 View item
2016.095.01.17 Notes on Foreign War Relief Production, circa 1942 View item
2016.095.01.18 Production Flow of War Donations, 1942 View item
2016.095.01.19 Production Flow of War Donations, 1943 - 1945 Unavailable
2016.095.01.20 Memorandum, Notes, and Pattern for the Kit Bag Project, circa 1943 View item
2016.095.01.21 Shipping Instructions for Donations, 1942 - 1943 View item
2016.095.01.22 Packing Lists, 1941 View item
2016.095.01.23 Patterns, circa 1941 - 1943 View item
2016.095.01.24 Gross Supply Form and Prices, circa 1942 View item
2016.095.01.25 Order Forms for Sears, Roebuck and Company, 1942 - 1943 View item
2016.095.01.26 Applications for Tax Exemption on Cigarettes, Tobacco, and Playing Cards for Soldiers, 1942 - 1945 View item
2016.095.01.27 Volunteer Hours, 1942 - 1944 View item
2016.095.01.28 Volunteer Hours, 1943 - 1945 View item
2016.095.02.01 Finances, Items Sold, circa 1943 View item
2016.095.02.09 Correspondence, Chapter Activities, 1938 - 1948 June View item
2016.095.02.16 Pamphlet, Nursing Service Information, 1942 May View item
2016.095.02.17 Pamphlet, Services to the Armed Forces and to Veterans, 1944 September View item
2016.095.02.20 Junior Red Cross Bulletin, 1941 - 1951 View item
2016.095.02.21 Publicity Channels Suggestions and Script for Press Release, circa 1942 View item