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GEOG 110 (Harris): News

Resources for the annotated bibliography Wikipedia assignment in America’s National Parks.

Newspaper Search Engines

We've paid the fees for these quality news databases so that you don't have to!

You can also find news articles via search engines like Google, but be sure to thoroughly evaluate their quality and credibility before you use them.

Think Before You Pick!

While all news sources like to tout themselves as reliable, unbiased, and always accurate, reality can be very different.  Make sure to always evaluate your source for currency, reliability, authority/accuracy, and purpose before you decide to rely on its information to make your point!  

  • Currency:  How up to date is this information?  Has it been replaced, negated, or proven by more recent information?
  • Reliability:  Is this information someone's opinion or is it a fact?  Are you sure?  Does the author provide sources that back up what they are saying?
  • Authority/Accuracy:  Who created this information source?  Are they legit & do they know what they are talking about?
  • Purpose:  Why was this information put out there - to give facts, or to persuade you to take someone's side?  What biases are present in this information source?

Click the image below for the interactive version of this chart which will provide you with a formal analysis of your chosen news biases.  

Media bias chart screen shot used with permission

* over 100 news sites were included in this analysis, but that is only a fraction of all the news sites that currently exist.  If you have chosen a news site that is not shown here, you will need to conduct your own careful analysis to determine its bias.  

Media Bias screen-shot used with permission per Ad Fontes Media's fair-use guidelines.

Spotting 'Fake News'

Sorting through possible news sources is not rocket science - you simply have to be purposeful and thoughtful about what news sources you choose to include in your assignments & which ones you leave out.  

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