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GEOG 110 (Harris): Images

Resources for the annotated bibliography Wikipedia assignment in America’s National Parks.

Image Sites for Free Noncommercial Use

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Library Image Databases

Google Advanced Image Search

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Can I Use That Image?

As tempting as it can be to simply use Google Images for your poster, you need to resist that urge! In order to follow copyright law, you need to use images that are specifically marked as being allowed for re-use by others. If you do not use such an image, you are basically stealing someone else’s property.  Follow the "Can I Use That Image" flowchart below to double check your usage is allowed.

The chart's text is small, so you can hold the Control key down and press the + key to zoom in and the - key to zoom back out.

Use the search engines on this page to find pics with a Creative Commons license, and you’ll always know that you're able to use the image. Remember to cite your images and give the artist attribution, even if you're allowed to use them under Copyright Law!

Image credit: This handy chart is from a Lifehacker article written by staff writer Patrick Allan.