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GEOG 110 (Harris): Assignment

Resources for the annotated bibliography Wikipedia assignment in America’s National Parks.

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mountain lake with text over it that reads We Are Parks

This semester, your class project will involve the creation of research-based information about a U.S. National Park of your choosing.

Once you select a national park, you will examine the current Wikipedia entry on that park to determine the content that already exists, and what information you would be interested in adding to the entry. 


Using library resources contained within this guide, you will find 5 appropriate sources about your National Park to help you to add this additional information to the current Wikipedia entry. Your sources will include at least one news source and four journal articles OR government documents. Once you’ve obtained your five sources, your first assignment is to construct an annotated bibliography of these five sources. 


After completing your annotated bibliography, your second assignment is to construct and update Wikipedia entry for your chosen National Park from the information contained within these five sources. 

Exploring Your Topic

How do you even know what could be "missing" from your chosen National Park? 

  1. Read what Wikipedia has to say.
  2. Figure out what looks too short or incomplete. 
  3. Are there any key sections missing at all? Take a look at other National Parks pages for inspiration
  4. Look at the sources listed in the sections - are they legit or do they look like garbage websites?

Virgin Islands National Park

What does Wikipedia have to say?  

Keyword Exercise

This short keyword sheet can help you explore wording that is used to describe your topic.

A simple tool such as a thesaurus may allow you to find keyword variations that can be used to search the library catalog, article databases, etc.