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New Faculty: Course Reserves

Orientation information for new university faculty members on SU Libraries

Course Reserves

Salisbury University faculty may submit materials to be placed on course reserve for the current or upcoming semester.  We encourage faculty to act well in advance of the semester to request library materials to place on reserve.  Please go to our library Course Reserve page (also linked in the box below) and click the "Request Item" button under Faculty. If you would like to request that a new book be purchased by the library to put on reserve for one of your courses, please contact your department's library liaison as soon as possible to begin the process. 

Physical copies are housed on the "reserve shelves" behind the Library Services Desk. These items are usually used in-library only and cannot be circulated outside the library. Materials can include library-owned books/DVDs for students to share for the semester, as well as personal copies of resources which faculty bring in for students to use. Please consider placing an extra copy of a course textbook on reserve. 

You may also share electronic articles or book chapters online on your course's Canvas/MyClasses page. For copyright management assistance, faculty should submit a request through the Course Reserves website before posting the material online. 

Upon receiving a request, Access Services staff will begin to process the order and seek copyright permissions, if needed. Complete bibliographic information for any request will facilitate the process and ensure that staff is seeking permissions for the correct item. Any incomplete fields on the request forms might delay processing.

Please reach out to your librarian liaison for assistance in finding Online Educational Resources and Open Access materials. Library staff may be able to assist you in scanning a limited amount of material to make available online for your students.


If you have any questions or need assistance with Course Reserves, please contact:‚Äč

Abigail Horton

Course Reserves Assistant

(410) 548-2386

Amy Jones

Head of Circulation

(410) 677-5478

Submission Deadlines

Reserve items should be submitted at least 2 weeks prior to the beginning of the semester to ensure adequate time to process items and secure copyright clearance as needed.

Items are processed in the order requests are received, with additional priority given in the following order:

  1. off-campus online courses
  2. off-campus hybrid courses
  3. on campus face-to-face courses

All attempts are made to process materials promptly.

Submitting Requests

Image linked to the faculty reserves page. A picture of the Academic Commons with the text Faculty "Request materials to be put on reserve or get copyright clearance for materials placed online. Login to see your pending requests and re-submit existing items." with boxes below for "request item" "faculty login" "faculty FAQ" and "contact us"