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New Faculty: Home

Orientation information for new university faculty members on SU Libraries

What Can the Libraries Do For You?

We are eager to meet your needs as a faculty member at Salisbury University. To that end, we have assigned a professional librarian to each academic department as its own library liaison. Never hesitate to ask your liaison for help!

Instruction and Support of Teaching

Your liaison can

  • provide tailored information literacy instruction sessions for your class
  • create subject-specific and course-specific online guides (like this one!)
  • hold office hours in the library or your building for students and faculty

Collection Development

Your liaison can

  • work with you to order materials, like databases and books, you request
  • recommend electronic resources for trial and collect your feedback

Research services and scholarly communication

Your liaison can

  • provide in-depth research consultations to your students
  • create tutorials for students
  • assist with faculty members' personal research, syllabi preparation, dataset management and preservation, etc.
  • work with departments in preparing for department accreditation reviews

Engagement and outreach

Your liaison will

  • meet individually with you every three years to learn about your teaching style, plans, and new research
  • meet individually with each new faculty member, including adjuncts and visiting faculty
  • attend at least three department events annually

Check out the full liaison policy here.

Department Library Liaisons

A liaison is a Library faculty designated as the formal contact person between the Libraries and a particular academic unit (school, department, or center). In keeping with the Libraries' mission, the primary responsibility of a liaison is to meet the unit’s information needs through instruction and other support for teaching, collection development, research assistance to faculty and students, and the fulfillment of other unit needs related to the Libraries.

A full list of liaison by subject can be found here.