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MUSC 306: Music History II: Assignment

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Map of Appalachia

World Music Project

Due April 13

Students must choose a folk song (or melody) from another culture (other than one that you are familiar with or grew up in) and adapt it into a melody on your primary instrument (voice or piano is also acceptable).

  1.  Translate the tune into the musical notation you are familiar with on your instrument and write it out.
  2.  Show the original tune as it is notated in another musical language.
  3.  Give the background of the tune and focus upon how it is used in another culture.
  4.  Show a map of the country that the tune comes from.
  5.  Explain the musical language of the culture it comes from; show how this melody is used on an instrument.
  6.  How does it relate to the religious, and/or political expressions of the country it is from?

You will need to:

  • Do a Power Point presentation answering these questions with no more than 8-10 slides.
  • Be able to play the melody on your instrument or the piano in class.
  • Include a short bibliography that includes at least 5 sources. (See bibliography guidelines for listening assignments as a guide.)
  • Hand in a hard copy of your Power Point with references at the time of your presentation.

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