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MUSC 306: Music History II: Listening

Using Naxos

When in doubt, always check the Norton Anthology.

Your required listening means you need to locate and listen to various recordings. If you do not have the Norton streaming in the new edition of the book, one way to do so it to access the database Naxos Music Library, to the right, which can be a little challenging to use.

We'll use the second listening assignment as an example: 110 – Gluck: Orfeo ed Euridice, opera: Act II, Scene I, and the broader Orfeo ed Euridice.


Searching Naxos

  1. Use the People search on the left vertical menu
    • It defaults to Composer, but you can also search by "Artists"
    • the lists are loooong, feel free to use the search bar for last names. We're looking for Gluck, Christoph Willibald here.
  2. Each person has a detailed page. Information about them is at the top and tracks below. It defaults to:
  3. View by Work. Various recordings of the same work may be available so they are group together under one name where applicable.
    • You can change it to "View by Album" if you know which one you want already.
  4. Keep an eye on the category. Orfeo ed Euridice has dozens of options. Generally speaking, you'll be looking for the original piece. The category may help you make that determination. In this example, going to the O titles, select the seventh one down Orfeo ed Euridice, Act II: Ballo. You can now listen to your piece.
  5. We're done for our original example, but for broader works, like the third Orfeo ed  Euridice listed, each one will have its own page.  It will default to "Work Information". You'd want Available Recording(s) right next to that.
  6. Naxos has over 160 recordings for the opera. Try selecting the fourth option GLUCK: Orefeo ed Euridice featuring Arnold Ostman.
  7. We can then choose whichever pieces we wanted to hold onto and hit the blue play button at the top. You can also favorite or add it to your playlist for easier finding in the future. 

Using the Playlist Feature

SU Libraries grants you access to the database, but creating an account can allow you to pull up the pieces you want much faster. When you've got the piece you want selected, choose the + symbol to add to your playlist. It will then walk you through the steps of creating an account and creating a playlist.

Static URL

If you'd rather not have another account to manage, you can also select the permalink symbol to get back here quickly. It's the first symbol below the blue play button--the one that kind of looks like a paperclip. You can then email or add the link to a document. Be aware that it works on campus. If you want to access it off-campus, you'll need to proxy in, which you can do by putting this before the url:

Norton CD's

The CD for each Norton Volume is also available on Course Reserve. An external disc drive can be checked out from the Circulation Desk if you do not have access to another CD player. Note the call number to give to the Circulation Desk for an easy retrieval. 

Norton Recorded Anthology of Western Music [Vol. 2 Classic to Romantic]        Call Number: Cockey #8b
Norton Recorded Anthology of Western Music [Vol. 3 Classic to Romantic]        Call Number: Cockey #8c

Norton Anthology of Western Music