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MUSC 305: Music History I: Introduction & Assignment

Navigating the Guide

Not every source is useful for every type of information! For example, on the Find Articles tab, you'll see both Music Index and Grove Music Online; both are databases. But Grove Music will serve you better for background information about composers, musical styles, etc., while Music Index provides more analytical peer reviewed content. Both serve a purpose that might be useful to you, but only if you utilize them in the correct context.

Manage & Organize

ProQuest RefWorks is a citation management tool. It helps you keep track of all your sources. There are many different ones out there, but RefWorks is the only one supported by SU Libraries.

You can check out this guide for help or ask a librarian!

Presentation Projects

Baroque Project (Presentation Two)

Presentation (20 - 25 minutes)

  • You will be assigned a topic from the Baroque era with corresponding music
  • Present the topic as a lesson, providing the necessary terms and definitions, as well as historical and biographical information.
  • Share examples of corresponding music related to your topic from the anthology. Pinpoint three key elements of the work through score study. 
  • Present the music in full or excerpted with the score as a visual, utilizing repeated listening as necessary. Up to 3/5ths of your presentation time may be dedicated to listening.
  • Organize your materials with or without a visual aid (Powerpoint, etc).
  • Provide necessary citations, acknowledgements over the course of your presentation (MLA).

Resource Requirements:

  • 2 books
  • 3 scholarly articles


Week 11: Selection assigned, Library Day

End Week 12: Literature Review due

Week 14: Prepare outline of your presentation, meet with instructor

End of Week 14: Submit rough draft of presentation

Weeks 14/15/16: Presentations, submit final draft day before presentation