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MUSC 305: Music History I: Introduction & Assignment

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Research Assignments

For each assignment, answer the questions provided. You will need 5 scholarly sources for a bibliography for each assignment. You may use your textbook and anthology as 1 source. You will need to find 4 additional reputable sources. See the citation guide for help with the MLA format.

#1: Gabreli: Canzon scptimi toni 8. From Sacre symphoniae

Due M 10/23/20 Points - 50

1. How does this piece exemplify the characteristics of the Renaissance canzona? (5 points)

2. How does it exemplify characteristics of Venetian church music? (5 points)

3. How docs Gabrieli articulate the form in this work? (5 points)

4. Label the different sections in the score. (10 points)

5. What was the sonata in the sixteenth century? (5 points)

6. Discuss the instrumentation of this piece. (5 points)

7. Describe some of the unique features of this piece. (5 points)

8. Bibliography (10 points)

#2: L’Orfeo – Monteverdi – Act II

Due F 11/13 – 100 points

1. Discuss L’Orfeo’s plot, the structure (how it is organized) of the opera and the instrumentation used in the opera.  Who wrote the libretto? (10 points)

2. Why is Act II so important in Monteverdi’s L’Orfeo? (10 points)

3. Describe Monteverdi’s use dissonance, rhythm, melodic contour, and other elements to convey the meaning of the text and the feelings it reflects in Orfeo’s recitative Tu se’morta? Mark them in the score of this recitative as well. (10 points)

4. Identify and mark in the score, the different musical styles he used in each of the excerpts from Act II that are in your Anthology. (10 points)

5. Describe the musical forms Monteverdi uses and reflect on the styles used to convey the changing dramatic situation and the feelings of the characters. (10 points) Then, what makes the characteristics in each of them contribute to the drama of this scene?

  Orfeo – canzonetta (10 points)

  Messenger, Shepherds, and Orfeo recitation (10 points)

  Orfeo – recitative (10 points)

 Chorus, choral madrigal (10 points)

6. Bibliography (10 points)

#3: Dance Assignment

100 Points - Due F 12/4

Instructions: – Do a short Power Point presentation that includes the following information:

1. Baroque Dance Suite: (2 students)

What are its origins?

Who are the Baroque composers used it? Give specific examples of suites and instrumentation.

How were certain dances used in other works/genres and other musical eras? Give specific examples?

2. 4 standard Dances: (1 student per dance)

For each dance, give, meter, where it originated, tempo, its unique characteristics, etc. Give specific musical examples of each:

Standard Dances:





Optional Dances:




3. Include a Bibliography at the end of your assignment

Manage & Organize

ProQuest RefWorks is a citation management tool. It helps you keep track of all your sources. There are many different ones out there, but RefWorks is the only one support by SU Libraries.

You can check out this guide for help or ask a librarian!