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MKTG 336: News

Research strategies and resources for MKTG 336 Direct and Interactive Marketing with Dr. Paula Morris

Find News

If you are unsure how to approach your topic, try using Google to get a sense for any breaking news or trends concerning the issue you are researching. From there, dive into some of these resources to find reliable news articles about that topic.

Remember to avoid using sentences and long phrases when creating your search. Use KEYWORDS and BOOLEAN OPERATORS to get the most relevant results.

Print Access (1st floor GAC)

We have print issues of the periodicals below, located in the Pit on the first floor of GAC.

Online Access

News Databases (through the library - SU login required)

Business Websites / Online Publications

Check your sources

Need help evaluating your news article for concerns like bias, slant, authority, and reliability? Check out the Critically Evaluate Information page on this guide.