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First Gen Students

A guide to the library and other resources for first generation students.

Contact Us

  • Email:
  • Phone: 410-543-6130 (general help)
  • 410-548-5988 (research help)
  • 1-888-543-0148 (toll free; ask for the Library Service Desk)
  • Chat with us (the box to the left)

We have a lot more than just books here at SU Libraries! Check out some of our resources below. 


  • Over 300 computers, both PC and Mac, throughout the Academic Commons for public use
  • Print release stations on every floor (wanna learn how to print?)
  • Four scanning stations (great for making copies!)
  • Color printing at the first floor library service desk
  • Device checkouts - your GullCard doubles as a library card!
    • Laptops (24 hour checkout period, may leave building)
    • Chromebooks (2 week checkout period)
    • Headphones (3 hours at a time, must remain in building)
    • Charging kits (3 hours at a time, for phones, Mac USB-C and magsafe, must remain in building)
    • Calculators (2-3 days, depending on if it's a graphing calculator or not)
    • iPads and VR headsets from the Maker Lab

Study Spaces

Group Study Rooms

On the second floor of the GAC, there are 13 group study rooms available for reservation. You can view the availability and make a reservation entirely online. You can just go to your room at the time of reservation, no need to stop by the first floor service desk. 

Family Study Room

The family study room has space for up to 2 families at once, and it is meant for anyone caring for children and vulnerable adults. It can be reserved in a similar way to the group study rooms, for up to four hours a day. To access the room, you must stop by the first floor service desk first to get the access card. 

Quiet & Silent Study Spaces

On the third floor, there are two spaces that are designed as quiet (soft, short conversations are okay) and silent (no conversations) for student studying. There are study carrels, tables, and other furniture for however you'd like to study. 

How to Borrow Materials

Print Books

If you find a physical book, it will have something called a call number. The call number is like its home address. Copy and paste any call number into the Call Number Locator below to see where it lives in the library. 

A call number will look something like this: 

SF408.3 .E84 1995


You can find ebooks via the big search box on the library homepage - it will have buttons that say "view online" or "read online," which tell you it's an ebook. By viewing it online, you are borrowing it for a short amount of time. 

Journal Articles

You can find scholarly, peer-reviewed articles both in databases and via our big search box on the library homepage. On the left side of the searches, you can find limiters - one of them is often "peer reviewed," so you can narrow down to relevant sources easily! Look for links that say something like "View Full Text" to get to the entire journal article.

Other items

Beyond books and technology, we also check out other items at SU Libraries!

  • Umbrellas
  • Coloring books
  • Study buddy play packs (for kids 0-4, 4-8, 8-12)

Research Help

At Salisbury University Libraries, we have a dedicated First Gen Librarian - her information is to the left. She can be a one-stop-shop to introduce you to the Libraries. 

Once you are further in your academic career, you can find your liaison librarian for whatever major you've chosen. Every librarian here has subject expertise, so they're a great resource for those upper level classes with big research projects!

Use the SU Resource Finder