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Library Instruction Scheduling & Planning

Maintaining your Libguides

Reviewing your guides on a regular basis will help you to keep them current and free of broken links or out of date information.

Liaisons are responsible for maintaining guides of which they are the owners or co-editors. 

Liaisons will be reminded to focus on maintaining guides twice per year during July and January

Delete or make unused guides "private 

Identify guides that are not in use or very little-used and either change access status to Private or delete it. Best practices recommend setting to Private status in case the guides are being linked to from external places such as MyClasses. The reasoning, I think, is that outdated info is better than a dead link.

Un-promote guides using this tag: #promoted.


The purpose of this menu is to provide users with fast access to course guides that are used for library instruction. Please be sure to shorten this list by unpromoting any guides that you know you won't use in the upcoming semester. Unpromote a guide, by deleting the #promoted tag.


Assign guide types

When logged into the Libguides system, select Content and add your name under Owner. Choosing the correct “Type” allows the guides to display on the library home page and appropriate places elsewhere within the system.

‚ÄčIdentify guides as one of these three "Types." Please note: there are other guide “types,” but we only use the three below. For example, do not use “General.”

Course guide

Topic guide

Subject guide


Update content.

Try to prioritize which guides should be updated first. Course guides that supplement classes coming up might take precedence. Or, a Subject or Topic guide that is in need of some serious TLC might be first to tackle. Do a sweep through the databases in your area(s) to update/omit any databases that have been added or discontinued.


Other ideas:

Libguides' Link Checker reporting tool allows you to sweep through your guides for dead or inaccurate links. 

Quickly create a list of your guides sorted by when they were last edited. Select Content, add your name under Owner, and select Updated to see your list and last-edited dates.