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Library Instruction Scheduling & Planning


Lesson plans and a blank template are located on the O drive. A blank copy is also attached below. 

  • Lesson plans are intended to be created or updated with each instruction request. 
  • Each semester, please save updated lessons in O Drive folders. 

Rationale from this group's decision to adopt developing lesson plans: 


Program assurance: In 2016, the liaisons developed and then voted to adopt the Information Literacy Matrix, which comprises a set of information literacy student learning outcomes that are organized by academic level. Lesson plans help us to develop instruction based on those outcomes. 

Before a class: In preparation of working with a class, lesson plans help us to leverage teaching content that is focused on our learning outcomes with time limitations. Planning also encourages/reminds us to check informally for evidence of student learning that takes place within our sessions. Our lesson plan template is adapted from materials developed by Megan Oakleaf.

After a class: Reflecting on student survey responses can help us to continuously improve our sessions.

Sharing experience: Lessons are opportunities to share creative teaching approaches, in-session exercises, ways of assessing, as well as challenges. 

Librarian Performance: Lessons help librarians develop a teaching portfolio; teaching artifacts can help to build CVs and aid promotion.

Artifacts for new personnel: For any new instruction librarians, lessons can provide valuable context upon which to build.