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Library Instruction Scheduling & Planning

End-of-Library Instruction Student Survey

Library Instruction Survey for students 

This survey should be administered to students toward the conclusion of every instruction session. In cases when you run out of time or just plain forgot, see if you can email the survey to the instructor. They can often relay the survey to the class by email or distribute it within Canvas. For what it lacks in measuring student learning, our survey allows us to quickly collect and view an overall rating, important discoveries, and lingering questions with potential for continued contact.

  • Try to give students at least 2 minutes to complete this survey.
  • Data from the survey goes to MS Forms in Office 365 and can be viewed by all liaison librarians.
  • Students may indicate their desire to follow up with you by entering their email address in the Survey. So, please be sure to check your survey responses soon after your instruction.
  • If students will not have access to the electronic survey, please use the paper-based one attached below.