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Library Instruction Scheduling & Planning

Customizable course guide templates

Library instruction sessions should be supplemented with a Libguide whenever possible. An assessment survey should be used for every library one-shot session.

Guides supplement our teaching and serve as a tool that students can return to well beyond the instruction session.

Two templates (below) have been created with content that aligns with the IL Matrix's Lower Division and Upper Division outcomes.

The guides are not intended to be used in their entirety. Consider addressing just 2-3 learning outcomes in earnest and the time it takes to effectively cover each (for example, 4 learning outcomes in a 50 min workshop is really pushing it).

Use the IL Matrix as a tool to guide research assignment development. Has the professor indicated a couple of specific reasons why they've requested instruction? Or, can you and the instructor collaborate to add outcomes that aren't being addressed in the prompt?

Lower Division Library Instruction:

Upper Division Library Instruction: