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Presenting Your Research: Animated Presentations


Whether you are creating a presentation to be displayed on the internet or you just want to have a more dynamic presentation, animated presentations can be a nice option. Depending on the tool you use, these can range from professional presentations that incorporate limited animations to cute cartoons and can have voiceover or can simply play while you speak. The tools suggested on this page are just a few of the available options for creating animated videos.

PowToon in Action

PowToon allows users to create animated presentations that can be used as a standalone video with voiceover or as slides for an in-person presentation. It offers drag-and-drop animations and enough options to fit many different needs. With a free account, you can create videos up to 5 minutes in length and various paid accounts offer additional functionality. There is also separate pricing for students and teachers. PowToon offers a number of tutorials to help users get started with the tool and the video below gives you a sense of how it works.

Go!Animate in Action

Go!Animate is another nice option for creating online video presentations. Available in free, education, and business editions, this tool creates cartoons to which you can add your own voiceover. If you would prefer, you can also use their text-to-speech tool to use one of the provided voices. While not intended for slideshow-style presentations, this is a good tool for creating videos, whether they are for training purpese, part of a class project, a marketing tool or just for fun. In addition to the video below, Go!Animate offers a few other training videos on their website.


Wideo is a nice tool for creating animated videos. It offers free and premium plans that will give you the flexibility to create whatever you need. Regardless of the plan you choose, you will also have access to icons and images that come pre-loaded into Wideo as well as the ability to upload your own images and icons for animation. Wideo is easy to use and makes it simple to create professional looking animations in no time. If you want to learn more about it, watch the video below or check out their tutorials.