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Presenting Your Research: Haiku Deck


Haiku Deck makes it easy to create and deliver presentations from your iPad. The free app helps you to create image- and idea-focused presentations rather than text heavy ones by including a Creative Commons image search option in the app as well as the ability to quickly import your own images or insert graphs. Finished presentations can be shared publicly, kept private so that only you can view them or restricted so that only people with the presentation URL can view them. Slide decks can also be exported as PowerPoint or Keynote files. A great option for iPad users.

Haiku Deck in Action

The video below shows Haiku Deck being used. For more help creating presentations in Haiku Deck, check out their tutorial. For more ideas on how to use Haiku Deck, take a look at their gallery.

Getting Started with Haiku Deck

A nice visual guide to getting started with Haiku Deck.