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Presenting Your Research: Google Slides


Google Slides is part of the free Google Drive suite. It is great for creating simple presentations, especially if you are collaborating with other people on your slides. The tool can be used in virtually any browser and also on most mobile devices. While not as fully-featured as PowerPoint or Keynote, it is a good alternative for those who want to collaborate or work in the cloud.

Google Drive App

If you want to view your Google Slides on the go, you can do that via your browser or via one of these apps.

Google Slides in Action

Google Slides is to PowerPoint as Google Docs is to Word. It allows users with a free Google Drive account to create quick and easy presentations. While it doesn't have quite as many features as PowerPoint or some of the other alternatives in this guide, it makes collaboration simple and works well for basic presentations. Google has a great tutorial to walk you through its features or you can watch the video below.