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Presenting Your Research: Browser-Based Presentations


For those with some experience with computer programming or HTML/CSS, another option is to create a browser-based presentation using one of these tools. If you are comfortable with tinkering with code a bit, these presentations can look professional, incorporate nice animations and only require an internet connection and a modern browser.

Imprys App

Imprys Logo

If you would prefer to create HTML-based presentations on your iPad, there is an app for that! Try Imprys, which has a free "lite" version and a $4.99 "fully featured" version.

Want to Create Your Own?

If you would rather create your own browser-based presentation, these resources will help you with the process, even if you don't have a lot of experience with web design. in Action (previously known as makes it easy to create presentations using Reveal.js. The tool create presentations that are automatically mobile friendly and work in all browsers. It also offers the ability to make presentations public or private and an option to export your final presentation. And, for those who are more comfortable with HTML, you can also edit the code directly if you prefer.

Strut in Action

Strut is a WYSIWYG editor for Impress.js. This video shows how it works.

Impressionist in Action

Impressionist is another WYSIWYG editor for Impress.js. This tool is still in an Alpha version and is not yet stable, but it is worth watching if you like editing in Impress.js. You can read more about it in this preview.