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BIOL 418 : Inter-Library Loan

For seminar students who are enrolled in any BIOL 418 section

What Do You Do?

What do you do if there is an article out there that you know about, but can't get your hands on through either 's print access or electronic resources?????


Happily there is a solution!  Libraries - loving to share information as they do - have a setup called Inter-Library Loan (or ILL for short) wherein one library will lend another books or copies/scans of journal articles that otherwise we wouldn't be able to access through our own resources due to financial restrictions or whatnot.  This is a common occurrence - we process upwards 150 ILL requests a day during our busiest times! - and so we can easily request items for you too.  


The first thing to do is get yourself registered with our ILL system - once you have done that, requesting a book/journal article is easier than ordering something from!