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BIOL 418 : Cite Sources

For seminar students who are enrolled in any BIOL 418 section

In the research process: SYNTHESIZE

    1. Explore topic context (casual web searching)
    2. Learn basic topic information (library catalog: books)

    3. Find a "niche" by the current scholarly conversations (library databases: articles)
    4. Using supporting information sources (source citation)
    5. Drafts & revisions (librarians & learning commons)

      How to Cite an Article for your BIOL 418 presentation

      Remember that when you work on your paper summary that you should be citing your article in the same format it uses in its references!  Use the same CAPITALIZATION, use the same punctuation [! * ? ^^ : -,] and use the same abbreviation system (Abrv. Syst.) that it uses!

      Bear in mind that capitalization in the article's title is often very different from how things are capitalized in the reference section!