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BIOL 418 : Session Introduction & Assignment

For seminar students who are enrolled in any BIOL 418 section

+Library Instruction Goals

This guide should help you:

Form an approach to initiating an assignment.
Identify the use of information sources based on the type of information (i.e. articles for primary literature sources)

Use keywords from a research question or statement to search.

Distinguish differences between popular and scholarly articles.

Explore the library's information resources.

Start to gather information for an assignment.

    Information Requirements


    • What information requirements do you have?

    For BIOL 418 you must find primary scientific articles.  


    • Internet sources? If so, what kinds are acceptable?

    For BIOL 418, reliable websites are allowed in the introductory section to illustrate concepts - and should be properly cited!


    • Articles? Newspapers? Scholarly or non-scholarly?

    For BIOL 418 you need to find scholarly articles - and newspapers are NOT scholarly sources!  


    • What citation style do you use?

    For BIOL 418 you cite your primary research article in the exact same citation style the article itself uses in its own references.  

    Information Cycle