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Library Training for Student Assistants: Course Reserves

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Course Reserves include any books, DVDs, articles, or e-reserves professors place on reserve for their students. All Course Reserves materials are housed behind the circulation desk in the file cabinet, the DVD file cabinet, and the shelves. All items are categorized alphabetically by professors last name and given a number.

What do I need to know?

When a professor comes to the circulation desk asking for an item to be placed on reserve, simply hand them the correct form. The forms can be found on the far left side of the circulation desk by the printer. Make sure ALL information is clearly printed and you can read it. Initial the paper and date it. If a professor has a large amount of items and the items are all under reserve for the same course and same loan period, they only need to fill out ONE form. However, if the professor would like to place multiple items on reserve for different courses, they must fill out separate forms.

How to find DVDs on Reserve:

When trying to find a DVD on reserve, the student should supply you with the professor's last name AND the title of the DVD.

1. First, look on the shelf behind the circulation desk for the DVD case.

2. Then go to the DVD cabinet and on the left side (the reserve side) find the professor's last name and the DVD number (on the label).

3. Lastly, make sure you place a sticky tab on the empty CD case and place the CD case back into the cabinet where you found it.

Accessing Reserves via the library website:

A student approaches you and has no idea what the title of the item on Reserve is that they are looking for. Here is the simplest solution: Go to www.salisbury.edy/library. On the left hand side click on Course Reserves. The student (or you) can search for Course Reserves by the professor's last name. 

This is a huge help for you and the student! Everything is easier because then you know what number the book, DVD, article, etc. is and all you need to do is go back and find the item on the shelf.

E-Reserves (articles):

We also have e-reserves, or articles, professors have scanned and are electronically available online. Not all articles professors use are available via our library databases. Therefore, we scan the articles and place them online via our Course Reserves website for students to access. To find these articles, follow the same steps above using our Course Reserves website.

Some Housekeeping:

Organizing: We all know there are times we cannot seem to find that DVD or book and it can be frustrating! To help everyone out, please be sure to put the item back in numerical order under the professor's last name. If you notice the items are out of numerical order, just send Tara an e-mail, post on our Google Plus page, or if you have the time you can organize them too! By keeping everything in order, we will be sure to serve our students, staff, and faculty in the most efficient way possible. 

If you cannot find an item: Most of the time, a professor will only have one copy of an item placed on reserve. With one item on reserve and 25 students trying to access that item, odds are that a student is currently using the book. Politely tell the student to check back in a little while or later on that day to see if the item is available. 

Anything Else: If you have any questions or are confused about something, please do not hesitate to leave a note on the item on Tara's desk, post on the Google Plus page, ask the adult staff on duty with you, or send Tara an e-mail ( 


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