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Library Training for Student Assistants: Basic Library Information

Circulation desk info

Check this link to get information about the Access Services staff directory, Crulation Policies, Eligible Borrowers, Direct Borrowing and Lost Book

Phone: 410-543-6130

Library Organization

How do I...?

  • Help patrons connect to SU's wi-fi from their personal devices?

    Give them the information from SU's Help Desk page. Click on "Connect to the Internet" on the left menu bar; Click on the desired device to get additional information.

  • Assign non-SU patrons a login ID?


    1. Log in to GullNet with the student worker username and password assigned to you.  (This is different from the username and password you use to log in to your personal GullNet account.) 
    2. Click on the following: Main Menu>SU Custom>Security>Use>Temporary AD Accounts>Search
    3. Find a UserID that is blank (no name assigned to it) and click on the word blank
    4. Turn on the dual monitor
    5. Instruct the patron to complete the name, phone, email, and ID information fields
    6. Change the end date to one week from the current date
    7. Enter the reason for access (internet, research, etc.)
    8. Click Enable>Save>Printable Page
    9. When the print dialog box opens, click Print
    10. Retrieve the printed paper and give the information to the patron

  • Check out/check in a book from another University System of Maryland library?

Ans.: All books can be found in the bookcase and are categorized by patron's last name. If the book is not there, we have not receiveit yet.

When checking out a book: Scan the patron's GullCard then scan the barcode on the book. Be sure to notify when the book is due and stamp the due date in the back of the book. 

When checking in a book: Scan the barcode on the back of the book and be sure to print the transit slip. Scan the barcode twice and the page should automatically print.

  • Check out an ILL book?

Ans.: Have the patron sign the ILL slip and notify them of the due date. Place the ILL slip in the book under the counter.

  • Answer the telephone and transfer a call?

Ans.: Pick up the phone and say, " Library circulation desk, how may I help you?" Assist the patron in whatever way you can. If you are uncertain about answering their question, ask the staff working with you to help.

When transfering a call, find the 5-digit extension number listed by the phone or search under the campus directory. Dial the 5-digit extension number and then hit "Transfer." The call should automatically transfer to whomever the patron needs.


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