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Library Training for Student Assistants: Customer Service

Give 'Em the Pickle!

  • Circulation staff often are the first to to be seen by customers entering the library - SMILE
  • Make eye contact with customers and acknowledge their presence when they approach the desk
  • SMILE!
  • Maintain a professional, courteous and friendly attitude
  • Be aware of your body language and voice
  • Provide a consistently high level of service to all
  • SMILE!
  • Be aware of the customers' learning styles, if possible
  • If unable to assist, refer the customer to the correct staff/department

Give 'Em The Pickle!

We pride ourselves in Customer Service. The Circulation Desk often is the first stop for people entering the library, so please project a positive first impression, and be courteous, responsive and respectful!


We have a plaque at the desk that sends a message to our customers. Make sure to live up to it:

  • With your support, we

    C—offer CREATIVE solutions

    A—are APPROACHABLE and show a positive ATTITUDE

    N—avoid saying NO


    D— deliver DYNAMIC and courteous service

    O—seek OPPORTUNITIES to create lasting impressions


    GGREET with a smile

    R—show RESPECT

    EEVALUATE each situation and respond EFFICIENTLY

    A—shower lots of ATTENTION

    T—conclude with a THANK YOU


     customer service plaque

Disability Etiquette