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Film resources guide



Kanopy is an on-demand streaming video service for educational institutions. Kanopy works directly with filmmakers and film distribution companies to offer award-winning collections including titles from PBS, BBC, Criterion Collection, Media Education Foundation and more. Chrome and Firefox are recommended browsers for viewing films from the Kanopy database. Faculty only may request individual films for teaching purposes.

Please note that, in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Kanopy has made The Great Courses, as well as some 30+ individual films, available at no charge.


About Kanopy's collection and licensing:

SU Libraries pays for an annual subscription to provide SU with access to Kanopy's basic collection of films. Beyond the basic collection, additional films can be found using Kanopy's search tool; titles that are not in the basic collection can be requested for addition using Kanopy's built-in request form.

  • Completed request forms go directly to SU Libraries' Acquisitions Department where a determination to add the film or not is made. SU Libraries pays additional licensing to add these titles, so requests are not guaranteed to be approved. 
  • Added films are licensed for one full year from the date they are added to SU's Kanaopy database.
  • Requested films are often added/available in the database within a few days.
  • All Kanopy films are licensed for unlimited simultaneous users.
  • Public performances are permitted as long as it is not for commercial benefit (i.e. no admission costs are charged and no profit is made from the screening)


Learn more about copyright and the use of films for educational purposes


undefinedSwank provides access to licensed movies from major motion picture studios to non-theatrical markets such as schools, college and universities.Chrome and Firefox are recommended browsers for viewing films from the Swank database.


About Swank's collection and licensing:

SU Libraries pays an annual fee to license up to 35 films from Swank's Digital Campus collection.

  • This collection can be searched using Swank's Digital Campus search tool at their website.
  • Faculty should submit film requests to their librarian liaison. Requests are fulfilled on a first-come-first-served basis.
  • Once the 35 film slots have been filled, faculty can continue to request films to be added to Swank, and SU Libraries will do its best to obtain additionally requested titles, funds permitting. 
  • All titles are licensed for a full year starting on dates that films have been added to our database.
  • Requested films can usually be added to the Swank database within 48 hours. 

Learn more about copyright and the use of films for educational purposes