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DNP project guide: Dissemination requirements

Dissemination requirements

All DNP students are required to do the following:

1.  Submit a submission-ready manuscript for publication in a peer-reviewed journal (required for completing NURS 884 DNP Evidence-Based Project);

2. Submit final written project (which is different from the submission-ready manuscript) to ProQuest via the ETD Administrator (a copy of the email notice approving the posting must be submitted to the DNP project chair as part of NURS 884 course requirements and to the Graduate Nursing Office); 

3. Submit a final copy of the written project (same document as #2) to SOAR@SU, SU's institutional repository;

4. Submit a hard copy of their faculty-approved final DNP Scholarly paper to the Salisbury University Libraries for binding and archiving. 

Other dissemination routes should include plans to submit for presentation at local, regional, national or international conferences.


Details about all submission processes appear in the Nursing Department DNP Project Guidelines
and NURS 884 DNP Evidence-Based Project syllabus.

For detailed submission instructions,  please visit the following pages:

Submitting to ProQuest 

Submitting to SOAR@SU

Submitting to the SU Libraries