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CHEM 301: Find Websites

Resources for students in Dr. Miller's Chemistry Seminar.

Evaluating Websites

Because so much information is now available online, websites are a huge category. Be sure you are using science or government websites. How can you tell?

Additionally, think about evaluating the overall quality of the website information, using many of the same techniques as news evaluation. 

  • Government websites use the .gov domain
  • Science websites may use .edu, but they might also use .com or .org. .com and .org are not necessarily good or bad - you'll really need to pay attention to the information quality to prove your source is A. a science website and B. a quality, credible science website
  • The government agency or educational/science organization should be easy to spot
  • Google the organization - they should have a website, Wikipedia page, and be referenced in other sources
  • Pay careful attention to the date
  • Google a few things about the article or click around on the website
  • Consider the length and scope. Is this a short pamphlet or a lengthier scientific article?

Chemistry Government Websites

Depending on your topic and research questions, you may use various government information from agencies like the US Department of Agriculture, US Geological Survey, Environmental Protection Agency, or Food and Drug Administration. 

Science Websites

The resources below are examples. While the resources below will give you some ideas of quality science websites, there are many more out there. Peer-reviewed journals in chemistry may also have a website with a "news" or "blog" section. If you have any questions or want to talk more about potentially using a science website in your project, contact me or your professor.